Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines

Posted on Sunday, June 30, 2013 3:44 PM
Twisted Perfection  (Perfection #1)

By Abbi Glines

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I’ll be whatever she needs me to be. I can’t walk away from her, I tried. I’m hooked.” -Woods

I know that Twisted Perfection is a spin-off series to Fallen Too Far series but I'm not sorry to say that although I haven't read the later, I read the first.

I hate the fact that I loved this book! Why? One word (or is it two?!) cliffhanger....

I really liked Woods. He kept it real and I really liked him being honest. And yes, he was perfect! He was hot, protective and although he was somewhat lost in the beginning (he was his father's puppet) in the end he realized what he wanted and went for it.
Della wants to figure out who she really is. Thus her journey begins .She meets Woods at a gas station and their attraction is instant. They both know they don't have a future so they part ways but little do they know that fate has other plans for them.

I loved this book. I actually love anything written by Abbi Glines and this was no exception.

I highly recommend this book. I can't wait to read Simple perfection....


Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane. The dark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone. They would never understand. No one would ever get close enough to find out. There was always a chance she’d go crazy sooner than they expected…

Woods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females. They seemed like too much work. He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure. A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid eyes on the hot little number that didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some help.

What he didn’t know was she was as fragile as they came.
The carefree girl who spoke her mind and didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine…
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A Shade of Vampire By Bella Forrest

Posted on 3:04 PM
A Shade of Vampire (A Shade of Vampire #1)

By Bella Forrest

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“What's on your mind, Derek?
" I can't imagine life without you.”

An enjoyable read!

Sofia is walking along the beach when she is kidnapped and taken to an island where the sun never rises.Taken as a prisoner she's forced to join Derek's harem.

Derek Novak has been "asleep" for 400 years!The royal prince was chosen lond ago to lead and give sanctuary to his people aka the vamps.Now he has finally awaken to protect his people once again.

But many things have changed since Derek's slumber and the danger is more imminent that ever...
I liked the story but it was just too short.Wish it was longer...

Moreover, the book was a cliffhanger and I'm so curious to see what is going to happen next!

Totally recommend it...

*I was provided with a copy by the author


On the evening of Sofia Claremont's seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake.

A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood.

She is kidnapped to an island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine.
An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes here as a slave, a captive in chains.

Sofia's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she is the one selected out of hundreds of girls to join the harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal Prince.

Despite his addiction to power and obsessive thirst for her blood, Sofia soon realizes that the safest place on the island is within his quarters, and she must do all within her power to win him over if she is to survive even one more night.

Will she succeed? ...or is she destined to the same fate that all other girls have met at the hands of the Novaks?
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Sofia T.

COVER REVEAL & TEASER: Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2013 2:39 PM
Let me just say that three days ago I finished Twisted Perfection (writing review now) and now I discover this...How cool is that???

               Expected release date: 23 September 2013


“How am I supposed to do this? I love her. With all my heart. But she needs more than I can give right now and I’m going to have to choose. She deserves that… no… she deserves so much more.”


Woods had his perfect life mapped out for him. Rise up the ranks of the family business. Marry the rich girl of his parents’ dreams. Pretend that wealth and privilege was all he’d ever wanted. Then a girl named Della breezed into town, a beautifully imperfect stranger who captured his heart and opened his eyes to a new kind of future. Woods is ready and willing to sacrifice everything for her when the sudden death of his father leaves him with his mother to care for and a business to manage.

Della is determined to be strong for Woods, even as she’s quietly falling to pieces. No matter how far from home she’s run, the ghosts of her past have never stopped haunting her. Struggling to hide her true feelings from Woods, Della fears she can’t be his rock without dragging him down into the darkness with her. But is she strong enough to let go of the last thing holding her together?
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Sofia T.

Cover Reveal: My Unexpected Forever By Heidi McLaughlin

Posted on 1:47 PM

Expected publication: 
September 2, 2013
I expected a life of music.
I expected to raise my son.

It took one look to make everything change.
I never expected happiness.
I never expected to find her.
I never expected to feel desire.
I never expected I’d be a family man.
I never expected to be loved.
I never expected to fall in love.
They say you should expect the unexpected. I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever kind.

Get the countdown widget below

Heidi McLaughling is offering My Unexpected Forever up for pre-buy for those attending the Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas 2013. Pre-buy:

Pre-buy My Unexpected Forever for August delivery:

Heidi is the author of USA Today, Digital Book World, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling novel, Forever My Girl.
Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell and two Parakeets.

During the day Heidi is behind a desk talking about Land Use. At night, she's writing one of the many stories planned for release or sitting court-side during either daughter's basketball games.
Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Tumblr | Facebook | Blog 

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Julie James :New Book Title

Posted on 1:42 PM
Have you heard???

No, well here it is....


(Coming in April)

To celebrate the title reveal, she's giving away two signed copies of her current release, Love Irresistibly. Which is appropriate–here comes another hint–since the hero in It Happened One Wedding appears in Love Irresistibly. 
To find out more about the giveaway go here

 I really can't wait!!!

Who do you think the hero is????
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Return to Poughkeepsie Update

Posted on 1:33 PM
You won't believe what I just found out...

Debra just finished writing Return to Poughkeepse and now begins the arduous process of editing.....

I'm super happy right now.....

 And the release date will be 12.7.13!!! 

 Meanwhile, here are some teasers

 Teaser #1

She looked at him. Magnetic. His dimples just a slight outline on his surprised face.

Beckett exhaled her name, like it came from deep within him. She put her fist to her lips.

She walked to him, pushed against his chest, and growled his name back at him. He gathered her hard against him, slamming his front door behind her.

The smell of him, the feel of his strength --knowing he could easily take what she’d dish out flooded her sex.

Face to face, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, it felt like the first to give in to the kiss was the looser. And it was every inch a war. Eve ripped his expensive button-down shirt open, buttons flying like popped corn.

He grabbed her wrists and she winced. Beckett held tight. She tilted her chin at him. Daring him to try something, anything.

He twirled her so her back was against the wall. For a second she thought he was going to bite her neck, yet he stopped just before his lips could touch her skin. He passed his mouth over her, his heated breath was ragged. She felt his moist want on her chest, across the tops of her breasts, all the while holding her injured wrists too tight.

This man knew exactly how to grind her into an animal. With him there was no passion, just sexual fights. Almost mating, wild and deadly.

She yanked with her wrists, pulling her hands to his face, the entire time counter balanced by his tight grip.

He was made of venom, primed for an attack. She was close, lips almost touching. Her nipples pressed to his hard chest. She licked her lips, the tip of her tongue making contact with his bottom lip because they were so close.

Like lighting a bomb, her tongue was his fuse. He punched the wall by her head, either side, over and over. She didn’t flinch.

Every strike so near, their fucked up foreplay. His violence timed with her rapid heartbeat. All she could hear was the blood rushing through her body.

Finally, he stopped and with an almost super-human effort he pushed away from her, grabbing his hair.

“Damn it, Eve. Why’d you come here? Why are you here?” He was suspicious, hurt, sexual. He stepped behind his couch, giving them both a barrier.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t stop myself.” She hugged her arms to her chest. Just a taste of him was crazy. Her body shuttered with the want.

Teaser #2

Livia was lying the dark, wide-awake when he entered. “Beautiful, you’re supposed to be asleep.”
“I can’t figure out how to make my brain shut off.” He was in jeans and t-shirt, hair a mess from his own hands. Whenever he was composing he took it out on his head. It was endearing.

“Okay. Hold up.” Blake went into the bathroom and started the water in their huge garden tub.

He came in with a tray from downstairs that was lined with candles, a light stick, and a bottle of wine.

“Your favorite.” He nodded at the bottle. He disappeared into the bathroom and Livia had to follow him. She put her fuzzy robe on over her penguin pajamas.

He set the candles up and lowered the lights. He put his phone on the counter with his own compositions playing softly.

“Wooing me with your own music?” She teased him.

“It’s all I have on my phone, I was recording downstairs.” He added her favorite body wash and let the foam bubble up. “And don’t make fun of me.”

Blake opened the wine and handed her the bottle. “Want me to get glasses? I couldn’t fit them.”

Livia took a swallow, spilling the wine down her robe by accident. “Wow. I really thought I was going to pull that off. Wine’s heavy.”

He took the bottle and drained an impressive amount before handing it back to her. “Better? That stuff tastes like fruit punch by the way.”

“Thanks for taking some for the team.” She set the bottle down and undid her robe.

He began a running commentary. “The beautiful brunette removes her wine-stained robe for her lover. And is it? Yes, dear God yes it is. She’s wearing the penguin pajamas.”

Livia tossed her robe at him and hugged her body, laughing.

“Oh, how can a woman so decadently dressed be so coy. She is a conundrum.” He wrapped one hand around her waist and pulled her hard to him.

Her only view was his sharp jawline with a bit of stubble and his white teeth in a smile.

“This penguin with the ice cream cone?” He pointed to the one on her chest. “Pure sin.”

She rolled her eyes. “Such a sweet talker. The tub’s about to overflow.”

Teaser #3

"And yet she was all he could think about. When he was feeling gracious, he pictured her snuggled in a warm sweater under some lucky fuck’s arm.  
And when he was feeling jealous, which was most of the goddamn time, he pictured her naked under some nameless three-pump chump. Being a girlfriend or a wife.

God, please not a wife.

The pistol lay between his legs, the liquor sat in the seat next to him like a true friend.

Do it, you pussy-headed motherfucker.

But the sky was too blue. And his hand kept shaking.

Beckett was afraid of the gun. It was more final than time. It wouldn’t erase the pain, and he was afraid that after his body was wasted, the only thing left would be fear. And he fucking despised fear."


Beckett Taylor is willing to take a bullet for his brothers. He knows the searing pain of metal finding a home in his chest. It hadn't killed him, but missing his brothers might. His greatest gift to Cole and Blake is his worst punishment.

Eve should be starting over. Cleansed free of her criminal activities, she should be getting married. Instead she works in a dive and craves Beckett like addictive posion.

The heart pounding continuation of Poughkeepsie centers around the two worst felons. Cracking their hard outer shell might just reveal that pain was the only thing that held them together in the first place.

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New Cover:Real By Katy Evans

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 8:21 PM
Yes, it's true...

Real has a new cover!!!

Isn't it amazing???Have you read the book???

I have and let me tell you it's really goooooooooooood!

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Have U Seen this?

Posted on 8:13 PM
Richelle Mead just updated her cover on facebook....

Want to see???

I can't wait!!!!Want (NEED) MORE Adrian...
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Review: Darkness Avenged & Levet By Alexandra Ivy

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:54 PM

By Alexandra Ivy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Did something die in here?I smell”—"vampire.” - Levet

Darkness Avenged is the first book in the series that features a vamp/vamp pairing!

Nefri, the legendary vampire clan chief, is given a mission: find Gaius and bring him before the Commission.Little does she know that she's not the only one with this misssion.Santiago, is shocked to learn that his sire is still alive.After the Dark Lord was defeated, they all expected that his minions would be defeated as well.But Gaius has returned stronger that ever...

This book is a follow up to Cassandra and Caine's story.The danger that the Dark Lord posed may have passed, but a new threat seems to be rising more powerful and determined to destroy them all.

I really enjoyed the book despite the fact that not many of the previous characters made an appearance except of Styx, Viper and of course, Levet, who was present in too many scenes and as always managed to irritate Santiago and charm Nefri.

What I loved, was the secondary story of Roke and Sally, a witch previously seen in Fear the Darkness.I loved their story and I can't wait to read the continuity.

All in all, I loved the book and I highly recommend it.I hope the next book wil be about Roke and Sally....


As the demon world celebrates the defeat of the Dark Lord, the vampire Santiago’s mood remains bleak. He still yearns for the sensual, raven-haired Nefri, who has inexplicably disappeared. But brooding for Nefri is a luxury that Santiago does not have. His traitorous sire, Gaius, is unleashing a violent scourge upon the mortal world, and Santiago must stop him before it’s too late...


To her dismay, the all-powerful Oracles have sent Nefri on her own mission to find Gaius, and failure is not an option. Nefri’s search leads her to the vampire’s abandoned lair—and straight into Santiago’s path. It’s clear Santiago intends to seduce her, but then an ancient, banished evil reappears, threatening to thrust the world into a madness it cannot survive...

By Alexandra Ivy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I may be small, but my powers are mighty.”
“So mighty that you’re hiding in a nymph’s apartment?” -Levet and Elijah

A pretty decent novella. Before reading it I thought that it would be about Levet and only him, but I was wrong.

Well, the story gives as insight to why Levet fled Paris and the reason he finally returned.I hated hated his mother...How could she be so cruel is beyond me!!!I have loved Levet since the beginning of the series and still do...

In his effort to achieve his goal, Levet meets a nymph named Valla.Valla, is hunted by memories of the past!But that changes when she meets Elijah, the "local" clan chief.All Elijah ever wanted was to find his mate, so once he did he thought things would get easy!How wrong he was...Elijah helps Valla fight her nightmares and together they help Levet fight his battles!

A very short must-read novella of the series...

I'm looking forward to reading Levet and Yannah's story!I really like them together and let me tell you just this: there is an amazing scene between them in Darkness Avenged .


Gargoyles do not admire difference--and Levet is undeniably different. Of miniscule stature, rather beastly looks, and with fragile, delicate wings, even his family has shunned him, banished him from his beloved Paris. That he is the only gargoyle ever to help defeat the Dark Lord and his hordes of minions makes no impression. But now Levet has come home, determined to be restored to the official Gargoyle Guild. To do so, he must confront the most feared gargoyle in all of Europe. The one who tried to kill him as a child: his own mother. . .

With few allies, Levet's survival may depend on the aid of two strangers: Valla, a beautiful but damaged nymph, and Elijah, the fiercely possessive, love-struck vampire clan chief to whom she can't quite surrender--unless Levet has something to do with it. . .
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First Surrender By Katie Reus News & Teasers

Posted on 1:33 PM

FIRST SURRENDER will be part of the new WICKED FIRSTS anthology (August 2013), but it will also kick off Katie's NEW SERIES called The Serafina: Sin City Series which will take place in… you guessed it, Las Vegas! It’s a spin-off series to her Red Stone Security series and for those who have read Breaking Her Rules, you’ll recognize the name ‘The Serafina’ as one of Wyatt’s hotels (and yes, he and Iris will be featured in this new series from time to time!!)

Here are a few teasers:

1. Hayden could divide his life into halves now. Before Sierra and after. “I don’t care about that and neither should you. There’s no one in my life except you. This thing between us—it’s not casual for me.” Those were words he’d never said to a woman. Never thought he’d want to say. Until Sierra. (First Surrender, August 2013 - part of Wicked Firsts anthology)
2.Hayden didn’t remember making the simple rice and chicken mash up though because he’d been fantasizing about what Sierra looked like in the shower. Naked, with hot water rushing over her delicious body. A body he’d fantasized about far too often. (First Surrender, August 2013 - part of Wicked Firsts anthology)
3.“Where are we going?” Her voice shook a little, but not from fear. The hunger in her gaze set him on fire. The potency was nothing compared to the brief little flashes of need he’d seen from her before. Flashes he’d wondered if he’d imagined. (First Surrender, August 2013 - part of Wicked Firsts anthology)
4.“Why can’t I touch you?” she asked.Opening himself up to anyone other than his brother was foreign, but he’d already opened up to her so much in the last year he decided to be honest. If she ripped his heart out later, he’d fucking deal with it. “Because you make me insane, Sierra. All you have to do is walk into a room and I get rock hard. I want to be free to touch and kiss every inch of you, but if you’re touching me, I’m going to be inside you. (First Surrender, August 2013 - part of Wicked Firsts anthology)
5.Hayden knew he wasn’t remotely good enough for her, especially not if she was actually that innocent, but he wasn’t waiting any longer. If Sierra rejected him, he’d deal. If not…he was going to give her the most intense pleasure of her life. And make sure she enjoyed it so much she never wanted to walk away from him. (First Surrender, August 2013 - part of Wicked Firsts anthology)
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On Sale For A Limited Time Only!

Posted on 1:20 PM

Faking It and Losing It are both ON SALE! For a limited time, you can read Cade's story for only $2.99! Or catch up on the original and read about Bliss and Garrick for $1.99!
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Keeping Her by Cora Carmack - Preview Package!

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 11:54 AM
Firstly, a small note: Jay Crownover and Cora Cormack will be participating in a Goodreads chat on 6/26 and there will be a Faking it book club on Cora's facebook page on 6/27 from 3-4p.m EDT, where you can live chat with Cora and ask all you burning questions! You don't want to miss it!

And now...

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Cover Reveal: Charmed by Cambria Hebert

Posted on 11:51 AM

Series: Death Escorts #2
Author: Cambria Hebert 
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: July 22, 2013

Add the book: Goodreads


Life or Death? Not many people would choose death. But what if death chooses you? What if death doesn’t mean the end of your life, but the beginning?

For a Death Escort, death is life. Death is your paycheck. Death is your job.

And Charming is the best Escort the Grim Reaper has ever had.

But when you piss off the Reaper, being the best doesn’t matter. So Charming is assigned a Target who is practically impossible to kill. He knows the Reaper hopes he fails—that he’s counting on it. So Charming vows to prove him wrong. He vows to make the kill.

But someone else vows to get in his way. Someone with a big mouth, a sugar habit, and blond hair. Someone who makes his heart start beating again.

And so Charming is left holding more than one person’s fate in the palm of his hand. He thought the choice would be easy, that there really wasn’t a question at all.

He was wrong.

Life or Death?

About the Author

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series and the Death Escorts series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book.

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
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Review: Fire By Heather James

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 1:38 PM

Fire  (Elements of Power #1)

By Heather James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I loved him, more than anything else in the world and that when he was away it was hard to breath and that I couldn't go through a single second without thinking about him.”

Firstly, let me tell you just this!

This book blew me away....

The author has done an incredible job!She has created a whole new world...

There are four Realms:
  • The Arcan Realm : Air
  • The Brizan Realm : Water
  • The Helian Realm : Fire
  • The Sephan Realm : Earth

This book concentrates more on the Fire and the Air realm.The book is told by dual points of view, Roxy, the grandaughter of the Helian King and Jasmine, the Arcan Prince's (Brae) closest friend.Roxy belongs to the Helian Realm and is able to control fire while Jasmine should be able to control air.But things are more complicated...

According to which Realm you belong to, you get some characteristics.For example the hair colour: Arcans have silver, Brizans have blue, Helians have red and the Sephans have green.But Jasmine has a secret!She has some purple streaks...So where does she belong???It got me thinking...I think that mabe her parents were from two different realms and she ended up like this...

And yes, you have guessed right.There is a love triangle!When I started reading the book I thought that Brae and Jasmine were perfect BUT seeing Brae and Roxy together was just pure heaven!They are so different and yet they made each other realise how wrong they were...

All in all, I absolutely loved this book and I totally recommend it.

PS: I wanted to warn you that this book is a clifhanger so before reading it make sure to check out the release date of the next one...

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review


Is control over the elements a gift, or a curse?

Roxy thinks that she is in control of everything: with flames flaring at her fingertips and an equally fiery attitude, what more could she need? But then she meets Brae, a prince from a rival Realm, who turns her assumptions of superiority upside down.

Jasmine has none of Roxy’s confidence or intensity. But she does have a secret - and Brae - and she’s not going to give either up willingly.
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Sofia T.

Review: Mine to Take By Cynthia Eden

Posted on 1:26 PM

Mine to Take

By Cynthia Eden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Have you ever wanted something so badly...that you couldn't think about anything else? All you feel is need. An endless desire that churns through you."

I really liked it!Although, there were some things that bothered me but were easy to overlook...

Skye has been in love with Trace since she was fifteen and although many years have gone by, her feelings are still the same.Trace knew that he had to let Skye follow her dream but what he didn't know was the price they would both pay!

After a horrible accident, Skye is forced to abandon her career and seek protection.And who's better to protect her than Trace.Now a billionaire and owner of a Security and Protection firm, Trace has waited for Skye to come back to him a long time and now that she's back he doesn't intent on giving her up.No matter the cost...

A great book full of suspense with two incredible, strong and capable main characters.

I absolutely recommend it!

*ARC courtesy of the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


Sometimes you want someone so much…
Sometimes you need someone so much…
Lust can become love.
And love can turn into a deadly obsession.


Skye Sullivan knows that someone is watching her. Not just watching—stalking her. Months ago, Skye was involved in a dangerous car accident. The accident ended her dancing career and sent her fleeing back to Chicago. Skye is convinced that her stalker caused the crash, and she fears that he won’t stop pursuing her, not until she’s dead.

When someone breaks into her apartment in Chicago, Skye turns to the one man she believes can protect her—Trace Weston. Once, Trace was her lover. Two lost souls, they’d come together in a firestorm of need and desire. But then Trace had pushed her away. He’d joined the military, vanishing from her life. She’d put all of her emotion into dancing, and she’d tried to forget him.

Now Trace is one of the most successful men in the United States. Rich, driven, and carrying dark secrets, he agrees to help Skye. He’ll protect her from the danger that lurks in the darkness, but Trace wants more than to just be a guard for Skye.

He wants her. And he’ll take her. The years have changed him, hardened him. He’s not just a poor kid from the streets any longer. Now, he can have anything—or anyone—that he wants. And the one woman he has always wanted has just come back into his life. He won’t let her go again.

But with the threats mounting against Skye, she suspects that her stalker may be intimately close. He’s a man who knows her too well. As his attacks grow ever more dangerous, she realizes that if she trusts the wrong man, she could be making a fatal mistake.

Lust. Love. Obsession.

Just how far would you go in order to possess the one person you want the most?

Also you can Find some excerpts:

Here &  Here
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Cover Reveal: Necessary Sacrifices By Zoe Cannon

Posted on 1:12 PM

Necessary Sacrifices by Zoe Cannon
Series: The Torturer’s Daughter, #2 
Publication date: July 15th 2013 
Genre: YA Dystopia

Add to GoodReads


A year and a half ago, Becca Dalcourt joined the resistance. Three months ago, she started working undercover inside Internal Defense. A year from now, she’ll probably be dead. She knows the odds. She’s seen how the life of a double agent ends.

All she wants is a chance to do something with what little time she has left. Something big. Something meaningful. But the resistance doesn’t trust her, and her job transcribing torture sessions hasn’t given her anything but the names of dissidents whose lives, according to her resistance contact, aren’t worth saving.

So when she discovers a secret government program designed to brainwash dissidents into loyal citizens, she resolves to shut it down, no matter the cost. Even if her plan puts everyone she loves in danger. Even if the most experienced resistance fighters say it can’t be done. Even if it means betraying the only person who sees past the mask she wears every day.

Even if she has to do it alone.

The sequel to The Torturer’s Daughter, which has been praised for its dark realism, Necessary Sacrifices asks how you fight an enemy that can't be defeated... and what sacrifices are worth making along the way.

About The Author

Zoe Cannon writes about the things that fascinate her: outsiders, societies no sane person would want to live in, questions with no easy answers, and the inner workings of the mind. If she couldn't be a writer, she would probably be a psychologist, a penniless philosopher, or a hermit in a cave somewhere. While she'll read anything that isn't nailed down, she considers herself a YA reader and writer at heart. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and a giant teddy bear of a dog, and spends entirely too much time on the internet.

Author Links:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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The Fiery Heart Excerpt #1

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 1:17 PM
Is this real???????????????????????
I think I'm having a heart attack....

Here's a sneak peek of a section from the MIDDLE of the book, told from Adrian's point of view! It has tiny spoilers for one of the smaller subplots, but it doesn't give away anything about the major parts of the book. Enjoy!

Available November 19. Buy/pre-order it here!

The Fiery Heart, Excerpt #1

It happened with these bouts of magic. I’d barely been able to drag myself out of bed when I’d brought Jill back. The toll of wielding so much life was just too great, and the mind rebounded from the high. Well, mine did. Lissa didn’t have these dramatic ups and downs. Hers was more of a steady darkness that lingered with her for a few days, keeping her moody and melancholy until it lifted. Sonya had a mix of both effects.

My little brooding artist, Aunt Tatiana used to say with a chuckle, when I got in these moods. What’s gotten into your head today? She’d speak fondly, like it was adorable. I could almost hear her voice now, almost see her standing there beside me. With a shaking breath, I closed my eyes and willed the image away. She wasn’t here. Shadow-kissed people could see the dead. Crazy people only imagined them.

I ate my pizza standing at the counter, telling myself over and over that this mood would pass. I knew it would. It always did. But oh, how the waiting sucked.

When I finished, I returned to the living room and stared at the paintings. What had seemed wonderful and inspired now seemed shallow and stupid. They embarrassed me. I gathered them all up and tossed them into a corner on top of each other, uncaring of the torn canvas or wet paint.

Then I hit the liquor cabinet.

I’d made good progress on a bottle of tequila, sprawled on my bed and listening to Pink Floyd, when the bedroom door opened a couple hours later. I smiled when I saw Sydney. I was adrift on the buzz of tequila, which had effectively muted spirit and taken the edge off that terrible, terrible low. That wasn’t to say I was bright and peppy either, but I no longer wanted to crawl into a hole. I’d defeated spirit, and seeing Sydney’s beautiful face lifted me up even more.

She smiled back, and then, in one sharp glance, assessed the situation. The smile vanished. “Oh, Adrian,” was all she said.

I held up the bottle. “It’s Cinco de Mayo somewhere, Sage.”

Her eyes made a quick sweep of the room. “Is Hopper celebrating with you?”

“Hopper? Why would—” My mouth snapped shut for a few moments. “Oh. I, uh, kind of forgot about him.”

“I know. Maude sent a message by way of Ms. Terwilliger asking if someone was going to come for him.”

“Crap.” After everything that had happened with Rowena, my dragon fosterling had been the last thing on my mind. “I’m sorry, Sage. Totally slipped my mind. I’m sure he’s fine, though. It’s not like he’s a real kid. And like I said, he’s probably loving it.”

But her expression didn’t change, except to grow graver. She walked over and took the tequila from me, then carried it to the window. Too late, I realized what she was doing. She opened the window and dumped the rest of the bottle outside. I sat up with a jolt.

“That’s expensive stuff!”

She shut the window and turned to face me. That look drew me up short. It wasn’t angry. It wasn’t sad. It was…disappointed.

“You promised me, Adrian. A social drink isn’t a problem. Self-medicating is.”

“How do you know it was self-medicating?” I asked, though I didn’t contradict her.

“Because I know you, and I know the signs. Also, I sometimes check up on your bottles. You made a big dent in this one tonight—much more than a social drink.” Glancing at the window, I nearly pointed out that technically, she was the one who’d made a big dent in the tequila.

“I couldn’t help it,” I said, knowing how lame that sounded. It was as bad as Angeline’s “it’s not my fault” mantra. “Not after what happened.”

Sydney put the empty bottle on the dresser and then sat beside me on the bed. “Tell me.”

I explained about Rowena and her hand and how the rest of the day’s events had unfolded. It was difficult staying on track with the story because I kept wanting to meander and make excuses. I left out the part about despairing over birthday gifts. When I finally finished, Sydney gently rested her hand on my cheek.

“Oh, Adrian,” she said again, and this time, her voice was sad.

I rested my hand over hers. “What was I supposed to do?” I whispered. “It was like Jill all over again. Well—not quite as bad. But there she was. She needed me, and I could help—then when she noticed, I had to make sure she forgot. What else was I supposed to do? Should I have let her break her hand? Should have I let her ruin her career? What else was I supposed to do?”

Sydney drew me into her arms and was silent for a long time. “I don’t know. I mean, I know you couldn’t not help. It’s who you are. But I wish you hadn’t. No…that’s not right. I’m glad you did. Really. I just wish it wasn’t so…complicated.” She shook her head. “I’m not explaining it correctly. I’m no good at this.”

“You hate that, don’t you? Not knowing what to do.” I rested my head against her shoulder, catching the faint scent of her perfume. “And you hate me like this.”

“I love you,” she said. “But I worry about you. Have you ever thought about…I mean, didn’t Lissa take antidepressants for a while? Didn’t that help her?”

I lifted my head swiftly. “No. I can’t do that. I can’t cut myself off from the magic like that.”

“But she felt better, right?” Sydney pushed.

“She…yes. Kind of.” I had no problems with “liquid healing,” but pills made me squeamish. “She did feel better. She didn’t get depressed. She didn’t cut herself anymore. But she missed the magic, and so she stopped the pills. You don’t know what it’s like, that rush of spirit. Feeling like you’re in tune with every living thing in the world.”

“I might understand it better than you think,” she said.

“It’s more than that, though. She also stopped because she needed the magic back to help Rose. What if I needed it back? What if it was you that was hurt or dying?” I gripped Sydney’s shoulders, needing her to understand my desperation and how much she meant to me. “What if you needed me, and I couldn’t help you?”

She removed my hands and held them between hers, her face tranquil. “Then we deal. That’s what most people do in the world. They can’t rely on miracles. You take your chances. I’d rather have you stable and happy than risk your sanity on the slim chance a concrete block will fall on me.”

“Could you sit by if you had the ability to help someone?”

“No. Which is why I’m trying to help you.” But I could see the conflict in her, and I understood her anxiety.

“No pills,” I said firmly. “This won’t happen again. I’ll try harder. I’ll be stronger. Have faith that I can do this on my own.”

Hesitating, she looked as though she might keep arguing the matter, but at last, she nodded in resignation. She drew me down to the bed and kissed me, even though I knew she didn’t like the taste of tequila. The kiss reinforced that connection between us, that burning sense I always had that she was made for me, and I was made for her. Surely if I could just drown myself in her, I’d never need alcohol or pills of any kind.

“I have to go,” she said at last. “I’m only supposed to be out buying toothpaste. It was a boring enough errand that Zoe wouldn’t want to come.”

I brushed wayward golden strands away from her face. “Clarence’s tomorrow night?”

She nodded. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

I walked her to the front door. She did a double take at the ruined paintings but didn’t say anything and kept her expression neutral.

“I mean it,” I told her. “I’ll try.”

“I know,” she said. That earlier look of disappointment in her eyes still haunted me.

“I can be strong,” I added. She smiled and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me goodbye. “You already are,” she murmured. I watched her disappear into the night and hoped I’d been telling her the truth.

Can't wait for the whole book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Flames ~ Jessica F.F. Evans

Posted on 10:37 AM

Hi guys and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Flames by Jessica F.F. Evans. My stop includes my review, AND a giveaway. :) To follow all the stops on the tour, click here. This tour is presented by Irresistible Reads Book Tours.

Author: Jessica F.F. Evans 
Release date: May 5th, 2013
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours


Seven years ago Jenna Farley left her hometown of Cedarville, Indiana and vowed never to look back. She created a thriving business and a quiet life on the sunny beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. But seven years and hundreds of miles can’t keep the
nightmares of her past and visions of a hellish future from plaguing her dreams.

With the fate of her first love resting solely in her hands Jenna must go back to the town she despises and risk everything for a man who is not at all pleased to find her on his doorstep talking about a murderer on the loose and asking him to trust her.

Nathaniel McGregor has put many years and many women between him and the memory of the only woman he ever loved. Now she's back and doing what she does best. Turning his life upside down and warning him of an obsessed pyromaniac hell bent on killing him. Can he trust her? Does he even have a choice? The clock is ticking, both their lives are on the line and they must work together to stop a determined killer..

Add to GoodReads

My Review:

4 Stars

“Ten minutes in and you already got the new lifeguard’s number.”

“Don’t be silly, I got it in three. New record.” -Jenna & Shana 

She wanted to leave the past behind but the past wouldn't let her.

All Jenna wanted was to start anew but her new life is interrupted by visions of Nathaniel dying in a fire.

Jenna and Nathaniel have loved each other forever.

But an unfortunate accident pulled them apart.Jenna, has always been special but Nathaniel refused to believe her until Jenna saves him from a series of murder attacks!Many things may have changed but the love they always shared it's still there...
The danger is still there, though.Someone is trying to kill Nathaniel.Will love save them or kill them both???

It's the first book I read by Jessica F.F. Evans.I really liked the plot and how things unraveled.What I didn't like was how immature Jenna and Nathaniel seemed at some point.But that didn't bother me much!

Furthermore, I liked Shana, Jenna's bff who had the same ability as Jenna.I really really liked her!I hope Jessica writes a book about her (or just a novella).

*I received an ecopy of Flames as part of the tour in exchange for an honest review.

About The Author

Jessica F.F. Evans lives in a little village in rural Indiana with her husband, daughter and crazy large family. She spends every chance she gets on the Gulf Coast. When not writing romance novels she enjoys woodturning, hiking and passing on her love of reading to her daughter.

Flames is her debut novel. Carry On is coming in September 2013 and is her second romantic suspense novel followed by her suspense novel: Under the Cajun Moon in December 2013 and her Young Adult novel: Lessons Learned by Arnold St. James in June 2014.

Author Links:

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Frigid Pre-order Promo & Chapter Reveal

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 12:46 PM

Today is an exciting day - we have FOUR HUGE SURPRISES for you! Jennifer L. Armentrout's (writing as J. Lynn) FRIGID is set to release on e-book at the end of July. If you're anything like us, you're probably on pins and needles and just cannot wait to get your hands on a copy of this book.

FRIGID has already been given the honor of being named a Romantic Times Top Pick and we're super excited for you to be able to read it as well!

Well, there's good news! Are you ready for those four awesome surprises? Here we go!

1. Due to all the excitement surrounding FRIGID, we have decided to run a special e-book pre-order promotion. We have worked out a deal with the distributor to release FRIGID a full two weeks early -- on JULY 15th!!! -- if we meet our e-book pre-order goal. EEEEP! That's right, if you are like the rest of us and want to be able to read FRIGID in its entirety before its original release date, all you have to do is PRE-ORDER THE E-BOOK NOW! What are you waiting for? GO! Pre-order it!

Pre-Order Links:
Barnes & Noble / Amazon

2. Need something to hold you over until FRIGID releases? Well, starting right now, you can read the first three chapters of FRIGID for free! Just read below!

3. Can’t get enough of the hot FRIGID cover? Want to see some behind the scenes photos that are sure to make you swoon? You’re in luck! Below you can watch a slideshow of all the behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot! Go on and watch it. We’ll wait, because there is still one more great surprise!

4. And last but not least, if you live near Philadelphia, PA, you're in for a very special treat -- Jennifer will be in Philly in November signing not only FRIGID but also the last book in her immensely popular COVENANT series, SENTINEL! But that's not all, Adam, the super hot cover model from FRIGID will be there as well! So, yes, you'll get to meet Jennifer and Adam! Plus, there will be other great prizes that you seriously won't want to miss out on (dinner with the author and model, perhaps?)! Stay tuned for more details to come!

We hope you're as excited as we are! So now....Go pre-order FRIGID! Go read those chapters! Go watch that slideshow! And Enjoy!
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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Manic by J.A. Huss

Posted on 11:50 AM

Manic (Rook & Ronin #2)
Author: J.A. Huss
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Expected Release Date: August 1, 2013
Cover Design by J.A. Huss

                                                  Add to GoodReads


TRAGIC is over and Rook is ready for the future—Spencer Shrike and the STURGIS contract!

It’s three months of body art modeling! That means three months of Spencer Shrike’s paintbrush all over her body, three months in front of Antoine’s camera, and three months of twenty-four hour filming for Spencer’s Biker Channel reality show.

Wait a minute…what reality show? Maybe she should’ve read that STURGIS contract a little closer? ;)

Sure, Rook’s bank account is almost overflowing, but Ronin is angry, Clare is trying to escape rehab, Antoine is a worried mess, and Elise is just trying to hold everyone together. Her new family is about to fall apart before she even gets the chance to enjoy them.

Add in a mysterious man from her past, a road trip to the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and a final show in front of the entire world where all her good are on display, and you’ve Manic—a new adult contemporary romance that will definitely make your summer sizzle!  

Watch the Trailer:

About The Author

J. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

Author Links:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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Review: Heart of Obsidian By Nalini Singh

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 3:20 PM

Heart of Obsidian  (Psy-Changeling #12)

By Nalini Singh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spoiler Free

“I will fight you endlessly if I think you're wrong but I will never judge you.”

An incredible, intense book!!!

This book had so many things going on.Firstly, the book was so descriptive and thorough.Heart of Obsidian is the first book in the series that its main characters are both Psy.

Although, we have previously seen Kaleb, in Heart of Obsidian Nalini gave us his full backstory, which was very belieable and explains why he has such power.Moreover,Heart of Obsidian finally reveals who the Ghost is....I can't say that I was shocked but it was a surprise (a pleasant one).

Sahara and Kaleb's love was just EPIC! Kaleb was a tortured hero blaming himself for what had happend to Sahara.I loved the fact that even after so many years his love for her was still alive.Burning in his heart!!!

What I also liked was that even though the main characters were both Psy we still got to see the Changelings.Especially the Darkriver pack due to Sahara's connecrion to Faith! In Heart of Obsidian a big role played Aden and Vasic as well!

It was a worth reading book (just amazing).I don't want to reveal much but this book gave some much needed action for the books to come!I totally recommend it and I can't wait to read the following book.Hope it's about Vasic!!!


A dangerous, volatile rebel, hands stained bloodred.

A woman whose very existence has been erased.

A love story so dark, it may shatter the world itself.

A deadly price that must be paid.

The day of reckoning is here.

From “the alpha author of paranormal romance” (Booklist) comes the most highly anticipated novel of her career—one that blurs the line between madness and genius, between subjugation and liberation, between the living and the dead.

Also, I wanted to tell you that this week I'm going to post the list with some of the books I'll be reading this summer!!!
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Cover Reveal: Jenny's Blue Velvet by Angela Carlie

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2013 2:52 PM

Jenny's Blue Velvet
Author: Angela Carlie
Genre: Adult Romantic Thriller
Expected Release Date: August 22, 2013
Cover Design by Steven Novak

Add to GoodReads .


Jenny's stuck.

She's tried just about every occupation she can think of and will be digging out of student debt for a very long time, but has nothing to show for it. Her everyday routine feels like a prison. And her marriage? Well, let's just say it's been a little one-sided lately and the money she threw down on the toys from Lover's Erotic Store was well worth it and then some.

Jenny decides her next big step is to become a romance writer. Romance books are flying off the virtual shelves, after all. This will be her big break, her escape from the prison, and a way to freedom. Self-publishing is all the rage these days. She'll be a best seller in no time.

When Jenny makes friends with a woman named Cassandra from the gym, she instantly decides that her new friend will make a perfect main character in her upcoming book. After the first chapter, real life begins to resemble the fiction she's writing. Her friendship blossoms, sex with her husband turns into a daily feast, and her job gets more interesting with each chapter written.

Out of the blue, a person who is a close friend with her husband and who is dating Cassandra disappears. As the mystery behind the missing person unfolds, Jenny wonders if she might be responsible for his possible death. And if she is, what will be the consequence? What has this writing business gotten her into?

JENNY'S BLUE VELVET is a dark, humorous, romantic thriller for adults only.

About The Author

Facts about Angela Carlie:

I write fiction. I work hard. I play often.

When I'm not pushing a mouse around at a desk job, which is boring, or writing, which is fun, I enjoy hanging out with my fourteen-year-old son and husband, reading, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and running.

Hawaii and Washington are my two favorite states.

I believe that if everyone ate a whole-food plant based diet, cancer cases would be a minimum, heart disease a thing of the past, and hunger something found in history books.

One of my favorite documentaries is Forks Over Knives.

I love hearing about people reading my books, so if you enjoyed one of my stories, please let me know by leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Thank you for spending time with my stories. We don't have much of it and I appreciate that you find my work worthy of your time.

Author Links:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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MINE TO TAKE By Cynthia Eden - Special Excerpt

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 8:07 PM
Another MINE TO TAKE  Excerpt...Isn't that amazing???

Be warned--adult content ahead! ;)

This time, the excerpt is from the hero's point of view.

Skye Sullivan. Skye Fucking Sullivan. The girl who’d starred in every teenage fantasy that he’d ever had.
The woman who’d made him realize just how dark and wild lust could burn.
She’d come back to him. Walked straight into his building. Into his life.

He’d seen her image on the security screen. One look, and everything had changed.

She’s back.

This time, things would end differently for them. He’d never had his fill of Skye.
This time, she needs me.

They stepped outside of his building. The sounds of the city instantly filled his ears—horns, voices, the backfire of engines. Skye eased away from him, heading for the cab at the corner of the street.

He caught her arm and pulled her right back against him. “We’ll take my car.” He’d already called for his driver. The sleek, black ride was waiting to the right. The driver—who doubled as one of Trace’s guards—held the back door open for them.
“We’ll be heading to Skye’s apartment,” Trace murmured to Reese Stokes.

Skye hesitated, then quickly rattled off the address.

Reese nodded. Reese had been with Trace for over five years now, and Trace trusted the man implicitly.

Skye slid into the vehicle first, and when she did, her skirt lifted, revealing a silken expanse of leg covered in nylon.

Once upon a time, Skye had enjoyed wearing thigh-highs. He’d bought them for her. Because he’d loved the feel of them against her skin.

She disappeared into the car.

Eyes narrowing, memories swirling through his mind, Trace followed her. The door shut, sealing them inside. The privacy shield was already in place, completely blocking them from Reese’s scrutiny.
The car pulled away from the curb.

“I thought one of your agents would handle this. I mean, you’re the boss.” Her words came a little too quickly. She’d always done that. Spoken fast when she was nervous.

It’s good that I still make her nervous.
“I’m sure you don’t have time to spend on me.”
On the contrary. He slid back into the seat next to her, making sure that their shoulders brushed. “You’re not going back to New York.”

Her head jerked toward him. Her eyes—deep, dark green—met his. There was gold in her eyes, buried in the green. When she was aroused, the gold burned hotter.

And when she was aroused, her cheeks flushed, her fuck-me lips trembled, and a moan would slip from her lips.
Skye Sullivan. Porcelain perfect. So delicate that he’d once worried his passion might bruise her.
He still worried because the things he wanted from her…
I’m not a boy any longer.
He’d already held back with her for too long.
Her dark hair fell down her shoulders, long and silken. When she danced, she kept her hair pinned up, making her cheekbones look even sharper.
When she danced…
She made him ache.
“There’s nothing for me in New York any longer.” Her voice was stilted. Not Skye. Skye spoke with humor and life. But when she’d come into his office, finally come back to him, there had been fear in her voice—and in her eyes. “I was in an…accident.”

“I know.” The story had been all over the news. The prima ballerina who’d been trapped in the wreckage of her car on a storm filled night. She’d danced for thousands, she’d lit up the stages in New York.

And she’d barely survived that crash.

He forced air into his lungs. Don’t think about it. She’s here.

“I’ve had physical therapy on my leg.” Said with grim pride as her chin—slightly pointed—came into the air. “I can dance, just not like…not like before.” She gave a little shake of her head. “The stage won’t be for me any longer.”
“That’s why you came home?”
Home. The only home he’d ever had—it had been with her.
Two foster kids. Tossed through the system again and again. He’d met her when he was seventeen. She’d been fifteen.
“That’s why I came back to Chicago,” she agreed, voice husky. “I’m saving money to open a studio. I’ll teach here. I can still do that.”
Her dancing had gotten her out of poverty. Into the bright lights of studios and stages in New York. Her dancing had given her a new life.
And taken her from his.

“The money is a problem.” She wasn’t looking at him anymore. He wanted her eyes on his.
He leaned toward her. Caught her hand.

That made her gaze fly right back to his. “I’ll find a way to pay you,” she told him. “I can do it, just give me some time.”

His going rate—for his newest junior agents, not for his personal services because he didn’t go into the field any longer—was three hundred an hour. “We’ll work it out.”
He had plenty of plans for her.
His fingers threaded through hers. His hand swallowed hers. His skin was rough and dark, tanned from the time he spent in the sun. Her hand was pale, almost fragile. So very breakable.
Hadn’t he always thought that about her? From the first moment he’d seen her, when he’d rushed into that room, hearing her scared cries…
Don’t, please don’t!

She’d been his to save then.

“What are you thinking about?” Skye whispered.
“The way it used to be.”
Her lashes were long. Her dark green eyes were so sexy. Her breath slipped out a little too quickly. “I wasn’t sure you’d even remember me.”

Only every damn minute. There were some things a man could never forget.

MINE TO TAKE will be available on 6/17! And, remember, it will be on sale for .99 during the first week of release!

Here's the first excerpt: go here .
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Updates & News #3

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 1:03 PM

  • To celebrate wrapping up another round of Fiery Heart edits, here's an Angeline moment of Zen for you.

  • GIVEAWAY! With Red Stone Security box set being on sale for 99 cents this week Katie will be  doing a week long giveaway! Autographed books & more! For full details on how to enter, check out her blog
  • Also, the newest cover of Claiming His Mate (releasing later this month) this out...Check it out here
  • Don't forget to enter the HQN Prize Pack for The Dark Elements. One day left!Go here
and see what Jennifer said on fb:
So it's Saturday night and I thought I'd just tell you guys that I have big, BIG news coming soon-ish.
53% done w/ Be With Me. *Back into writing hidey-hole*
  • Needs your help. She's got to come up with a soundtrack for Darkest Craving.
 I know you guys haven't read the book, but you do know the character and his friends..What songs would you recommend to represent the Lords of the Underworld             Tell her Here .
I'm trying to finish up the rough draft for BURNING DAWN (Thane's book) Hence the reason I am MIA. More from me soon -- like giveaways! I'm going to be giving away 10 signed copies of AFTER DARK next week (signed by both Kait Ballenger and me!)

  • Just one week (6/17) until the release of MINE TO TAKE!! You can learn more about the book and her special .99 sale at her blog
  • She'll be sharing more excerpts this week as we lead up to the 6/17 release of MINE TO TAKE.
  • In case you've not seen it, here's the first excerpt of Mine To Take :
“H-hello, Trace.” She hated that stupid break in her voice. Trace made her nervous. Always had.He stopped in front of her. He stood at several inches over six feet, while she barely skimmed five feet three. Skye tilted her head back so that she could meet his stare.

“It’s been a long time,” Trace said, the words a deep, dark rumble. His voice went perfectly with the rock hard body and the sexy face—a voice that a woman could imagine in the darkness.

She swallowed because her throat was suddenly dry. “Yes, it has.” Ten years and three months. Not that she’d counted.

That assessing gaze of his slid down her body once more. There was an awareness in his stare that she hadn’t expected. A heat that made her remember too many things.

He was close enough to touch. Close enough for her to smell the crisp, masculine scent that clung to him.

His nostrils flared, as if he were catching her scent, too.

“You look good, Skye.” Again, that heat was in his stare. A heat that said he knew her intimately.

She wished her heartbeat would slow down.

“But you’re not here for a friendly chat, are you?” And he stepped away from her. He waved to the open chair near his desk and returned to his seat.

“We’ve never really been the friendly chat kind,” she said softly as she eased into the leather chair.

She didn’t take off her coat. She just pulled it closer to her.

A faint furrow appeared between his brows. “No, we weren’t, were we? More the hot sex type.”

Her lips parted. He had not just said that to her.

His faint smile said that he had.

“I’m not here for that, either.” She’d been wrecked after her last go round with Trace.

He leaned back in his chair. The leather groaned beneath him. “We’ll get to that…”

Uh, no, they wouldn’t. She wasn’t ready to feel that burn again.

He tapped his chin. “You’re not here for pleasantries, you’re not here for sex, then why have you come looking for me?”

This was where she’d have to beg. Because there was no way she had enough money in her account to cover his services. Not with the guy sporting this high rise building and looking like he’d just walked off the cover of GQ. “Someone is watching me.”

He stilled. The heat banked in his eyes as his whole expression instantly became guarded. “And what makes you so sure of that?”

“Because I can feel him.” Wait, that sounded crazy, didn’t it? When she’d gone to the cops, they’d sure looked at her as if she were crazy. You couldn’t feel a stalker. So they said.

She disagreed.

So, this week (well the previous one) I read a couple of books that I'm definitely planning on reviewing..
Here they are:

Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12)
by Nalini Singh

Entwined with You (Crossfire #3)
by Sylvia Day

One Sweet Ride (Play by Play #6)
by Jaci Burton

Moon (New Species #10)
by Laurann Dohner

by Jessica F.F. Evans

That's all for today!

PS:Most of the reviews will be posted next week... :)
Note:The authors were put in a random order.
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