Lord Of The Abyss By Nalini Singh

Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 9:57 PM
 Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Nalini Singh and I definitely loved this book.The last book of the Royal House of Shadows(and my favourite one) is about the youngest prince of Elden,Micah.

As well as being based on the beauty and the beast theme, this book is the final in a quartet series by different authors.Liliana,the daughter of the sorcerer who killed Micah’s parents when he was a small child, wants to aid Micah to reclaime his throne.When Micah first sees Liliana he is very curious about her and thus wants to learn about her as much as he can.When he is not pleased by her answesrs he intents to send her to the dungeon when she tells him that she is a great cooker and he sends her to the kitchen.There she meets Jissa,whom I loved tremendously,and become friends.During her time in the Black Castle she cooks for him(which he finds extraordinary wonderful and brings him memories and feelings he did not thik he could have),she tells him tales about Elden's princesses and while all this happens they both begin to fall for each other.But the time comes when Micah finds out the thruth about Elden and gets angry about Liliana lying to him and not about her being the sorcerer's daughter.So together they travel to Elden,go through some difficulties but manage to get to the castle in time to kill the sorcerer.And something horrible happens.

I loved this book and in my opinion it was the best of the four books in the series.You should also know that things are not as they seem.For example,we all read that Liliana is very ugly but the thruth is that when she was a baby her father cast a spell to her and made her look ugly but when Micah killed her father the spell disappeared and she was so beautiful that no one could take their eyes off of her.
 Here are my favourite lines:

“I don’t normally cry.”

“You will never do it.”

“Well, I’m afraid I may sometimes,” she said

apologetically. “Women need to cry.”

Lines formed between his brows. “How many times in a year?”

“Maybe five or six,” she said, thinking about it. “But really, it’s usually a very small cry and not in front of anyone.”

Always she’d hidden her tears, curled up in some dark corner of the castle.

At that, his scowl grew even darker. “I will permit you to

cry four times a year. And you will do it when I am here.”

Sofia T.
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