Bleed For Me By Cynthia Eden

Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2012 3:21 PM

Bleed For Me  (Loved By Gods #1)

By Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“And who might you be, my lovely?”

“Terese Lafitte.”

“It’s a pleasure to—”

“Cut the shit and stop hitting on her,”- Apollo

Another 5 stars for Cynthia Eden.

Bleed For Me is the first book in Loved By God series.Although it is a short story,it definitely isn't boring.

Apollo,the God of the sun,is bored and hanging out in Are's bar,the God of war.Terese Lafitte needs blood and the only way to get it is to find a willing host.And who's better than a God?The biggest irony of the story is that they are both shocked when they realise that their partner isn't human.Well and the fact that the God of sun got paired up with a vampire.What can I say!You can't choose whom you fall for.

Bleed For Me is a story of romance and full of funny moments as well.Especially a certain scene between Apollo and Ares.What I really liked though,was Poseidon.Poor him!He wants so bad to find his mate that in his attempt to do so becomes agitated.In this book we also meet Artemis,Apollo's sister.

I absolutely recommend this book and I look forward to reading the other books in the series,especially Poseidon's.


The Greek gods are alive and well. But, unfortunately for the gods, the humans have all but forgotten their glorious existence…and this fact really pisses off the all-powerful, immortal beings.
Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, takes one look at the mysterious Terese Lafitte and knows that he wants her. Even in this modern century, a god takes what he wants. But Terese isn’t a mortal, not any longer. As a newly turned vampire, her attraction to Apollo is downright lethal because desire arouses not just her body, but also her bloodlust.

But Apollo likes a woman with bite, and now that he’s found Terese, he’s not about to let the little vampiress out of his sight or out of his bed. When Terese’s psychotic vampire ex begins to stalk them, Apollo knows that he will have to use all of his strength to keep her safe. Lucky for Terese, Apollo has more power than she could ever have imagined.

When you trifle with the sun god, you will get burned.

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