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Posted on Friday, August 23, 2013 11:35 AM
Welcome to my stop on The Apollo Academy's Blog Tour!

As the heiress to Titon Technologies, eighteen-year-old Aurora Titon can have whatever she wants—clothes, expensive gadgets, anything money can buy. All she really wants is to escape her pampered, paparazzi-prone life for the stars. Becoming the first female pilot to train as an astronaut for the Apollo Academy is exactly the chance for which she has been waiting. Everything would be perfect if it weren't for her unreciprocated crush on a fellow student, the sexy astronaut bent on making her life hell, and the fact that someone keeps trying to kill her.

The first in a four book new adult science fiction series, The Apollo Academy, is an action packed story of love, discovery, and survival.

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My Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first book I read by Kimberly P. Chase and the one that just made me a huge fan...

I don't usually read books (sci-fi) like The Apollo Academy, but this book seriously blew me away and I can't but wait to read the sequel to this new sci-fi NA series.

The author created a whole new world and she did an amazing job! The writing was wonderful and I can't really find any fault to this book! The story had an even and nice flow that didn't confuse or got you lost.

The characters were all unique in their own way and very well developed.

Zane and Aurora are intriguing characters from two different ends of the spectrum. But in the end, they both want the same thing-to fit. As heiress to the Titon Technologies, you would expect Aurora to be spoilt rich brat but that is far from the truth! She's kind, intelligent and always in the spotlight. But that's the last place she wants to be. Aurora dreams of being a pilot at The Apollo Academy...

I liked how she wanted to blend in and seemed to hate the attention drawn to her because of her name. She wanted to be normal and at the same time, be the first female pilot. She's also very amicable and I'd have liked to be her friend. I also liked the love triangle! (Team Zane all the way btw!!!) It added some spice in the story. I can't say that I liked Sky too much. He was a good guy, a good teacher, an amazing pilot but he wasn't Zane. I think that says much.

Zane strives to become known to the society and and finally be a normal citicitizen. Entering the Apollo Academy is his opportunity to finally reach the status he wants. Zane is a fighter and and very adaptable, I liked him from the first time I saw him!!!

Moreover, the secondary characters were great as well. For example, we have Kaylana who drew me because of her humor, her caring nature and the fact that she "protected" those she considered friends. Hailen, is another of the secondary characters but I can't say that I liked her that much...Akemi, I really liked him but I'd have liked to see him in more scenes, he was one of those people who stay-out-of-your-way-and-mind-their-business type of man. Then there's Ms. Lovell who knows everything but tells nothing and Dr. Stevenson who's just a nice guy tring to help Zane dea with his problems but never gets involved.

All in all, the first book in the The Apollo Academy series is a worth-reading book and I totally recommend it!!!

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About the Author:

Kimberly P. Chase holds a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, which basically means she's kind of a geek and loves flying airplanes. Naturally, her books tend to include aviation, hot flight instructors, aviator glasses, and—let's not forget—kissing! When Kimberly's not writing or reading, she's hanging out with her husband, four-year-old son, and two dogs. 
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