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The much-anticipated adaptation of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" finally has a release date! Twentieth Century Fox announced that "TFIOS" will come to theaters June 6, 2014.


'Just One Year' Author Gayle Forman Rewrites Great Literary Love Stories

Gayle Forman (author of Just One Year" and "Just One Day") wrote for Bookish, providing alternate endings to some of fiction's greatest love stories:

In my novel, "Just One Year," Willem introduces the ideas of accidents: "The little things that happen. Sometimes they're insignificant; other times, they change everything," he explains to Allyson. In the sequel, "Just One Year," the accidents work against Willem and Allyson for much of the book, twisting fate to keep them apart in a series of close calls. The idea of accidents or fate or serendipity fascinates me--not because it's unrealistic and fantastical, but because it's not. I feel like this unseen hand impacts life in ways we can't imagine because rarely do we see the road not taken. Many stories--love stories in particular--hinge on a specific set of circumstances: meeting at a certain time, in a certain place, in a certain way. Alter the recipe, miss a connection or make one previously missed and the entire book changes.

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