Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: Lost in Starlight (Starlight Saga #1) by Sherry Soule

Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 5:36 PM
Today author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us! She will be publishing a brand new Upper YA / Sci-Fi romance series: the “Starlight Saga” with scorching-hot character chemistry, exciting suspense, and epic romance on June 26, 2014.

To help promote this interstellar love story, “LOST IN STARLIGHT,” Sherry is doing this fun guest post to share the news with fellow booklovers.

Please mark your calendars to buy your copy of LOSTIN STARLIGHT on June 26th 2014!
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VOLUME ONE: Starlight Saga

High school reporter Sloane Masterson knows she has one helluva story when she witnesses hottie Hayden Lancaster bending forks with his mind.

Like any good journalist, Sloane sets out to uncover the truth, even if it includes a little stalking. When the superhuman feats start to pile up and the undeniable heat rises between them, Hayden has no choice but to reveal his secret: he’s an alien hybrid.

They’re as different as night and day—she’s a curvy, purple-haired, horror junkie and he’s a smoking hot, antisocial, brainiac—yet the intense fascination between them refuses to go away. Even at Hayden’s insistence that dating each other is “off limits” and crazy dangerous, their fiery attraction threatens to go supernova. 

Now Sloane’s dealing with creepy government agents, ├╝ber snobby extraterrestrials, and a psycho alien ex-girlfriend out for revenge. After a crash course on the rules of interstellar dating, Sloane must decide if their star-crossed romance is worth risking her own life....

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A streak of light moves rapidly across the sky, and then fades out suddenly.

“Did you see that?” I ask, excitedly. “It was a shooting star. We should make a wish.” 

Hayden smiles and says in a low tone, “You do realize a shooting star is actually just a meteoroid. No more than a tiny fragment that’s the left over dust from a comet. It’s those pieces that can travel at great speeds—”

“Hayden, seriously? An astronomy lesson? Why can’t you just see how beautiful and amazing the stars are? Maybe it’s a sign.” 

“A sign of what?”

I turn away, but I can’t hide the red glow that warms my face. “You know, like fate or something.”

“I suppose…” he pauses, staring up into the darkness. “Is there some rhyme we need to say or something to make sure our wish comes true?”

A slow grin spreads across my face. Hayden’s actually indulging me, and not getting all Mr. Mature Mega-Brainiac for a change. 

“No. Just make a wish.” 

“Should we do it at the same time?” he asks.

My smile widens. “Sure.”

He closes his eyes, with an amused grin playing across his sexy features. I close mine, too and make a wish.

“So, how does this work? Do we tell each other what we wished for? Or won’t it come true?” he asks.

I open my eyes and look at him. “Hush! I’m wishing and I can’t concentrate with you asking so many questions.” 

“I’ll wait.” He whistles a soft tune, then laces his fingers together and tucks them behind his head. 

“You’re impossible!” I laugh and playfully swat at him.

“Share time?” His eyes twinkle. “Is it safe now?”

“We both saw the shooting star, so I think it’s all right to share our wishes,” I say. “What was yours?” 

His gaze rests on my mouth, and his tongue darts out, wetting his lips. “I’d rather you went first.” 

My cheeks heat. “It’s kind of embarrassing…”

“You can tell me anything.” He looks up at the twinkling starlight and sighs deeply. A long pause glides between us, then without looking at me, he whispers, “Sloane, of the millions of stars up in the sky, none of them will ever shine as brightly as you.”

Take this quiz to see which character in the Starlight Saga you’d most likely be similar to, and score a $10 Amazon gift card! Answer this quiz, and then post your results in the comments. Be sure to check the bottom of the post for the details regarding this random giveaway.

1. We detest using labels, but what would others call you?

a) Amateur Fashionista

b) Jock/ Cheerleader

c) Goth or Emo inspired

d) Preppy/ Student Counsel

2. Which of the following best describes your personality?

a) Lighthearted, Diverse, Honest

b) Stuck-up, Conceited, Cocky

c) Independent, Witty, Strange

d) Quiet, Temperamental, Clever

3. Which genre do you read most often?

a) Paranormal Romance

b) Urban Fantasy

c) Horror / Darker YA

d) Science Fiction

4. You are at school and witness a student bullying someone. What do you do?

a) Run in the opposite direction before they pick on you

b) Laugh and join in on the fun

c) Go tell a teacher what’s going on

d) Stop and tell the bully to knock it off or else!

5. What type of pet would you like to have or do you own?

a) Snake

b) Dog

c) Cat

d) Hamster

6. How often do you shop or hit the mall?

a) Once or twice a month

b) Only on sale days

c) Every week—duh

d) Hardly ever

7. Where would you hang out on a free afternoon?

a) The library or bookstore

b) Hit the clothing stores with friends

c) Go to the movies

d) Play video games

If you answered...

Mostly a's: You and Viola are a lot alike! You both love to read, prefer to avoid confrontations, and you’re energetic and sassy.

Mostly b's: Popular girls, Emma and Kaitlyn could be your new besties! You each enjoy sports, hanging at the mall, and dogs.

Mostly c's: You are a lot like the heroine, Sloane. You both love to shop, hang at the movies, adore cats, and like the darker side of books and films.

Mostly d's: Sounds like you and Hayden have a lot in common. You each love to play video games, can’t stand bullies, and are into science fiction books, comics, or movies.

Random winner will be picked on June 27th 2014 and contacted by email. All prizes will be electronically delivered. Please review all terms & conditions before entering. 

This giveaway is open internationally!

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  1. It was awesome to be a guest here, and I sincerely that hope everyone enjoys this super fun quiz. And don’t forget to buy a copy of my new intergalactic love story, “Lost in Starlight” on June 26th 2014! Search this hashtag #StarlightSaga for more giveaways.
    Happy Reading,
    Need something to read? Please check out my books!

  2. I got Viola (not really a surprise though). Thanks for the great quiz and it is great to see to blog again!


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