Chasing Nikki

Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 10:42 PM

Chasing Nikki

By Lacey Weatherford

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Chasing Nikki was an incredible book.I looooooved Chase and how strong he was despite all the tragedies life brought on him.He managed to recoved throught all the pain and make himself the person Nikki new he could be.Not only did he survived but he also managed to thrive in the end.

It's so hard to write this review,because I can't stop crying.LIfe is so unfair for some people and Chase certainly one of them.I understand the message of the book "Life is short and unpredictable so live it to the fullest" and I totally agree but I can't accept the fact that someone can really continue after all those things.I know why he could but others wouldn't.I wouldn't.

Chase,is a teenager whose father recently died and decides to deal with his pain by taking drugs and consuming alcohol.After his mother bails him out of jail she decides it will be better if they move.And so they do.New environment is really what Chase needed.He meets new people,makes new friens and encounters Nikki.Nikki and Chase are much alike,so it's not difficult to become more than friends.Although,when they first meet she misjudges him later she understands her mistake.

And so it begins.They go out a lot,spent time together but he never pushes for more.Time passes but they still survive,they dream their future together they make plans and life for once is beautiful.Until tragedy strucks.

I won't say more than that I would never expected the end.I have no idea how Lacey Weatherford managed to write the book,I had to stop every two seconds to grab another tissue and clear my eyes before being able to read again and repeat the process more than a dozen of times.The book cannot be read without having at least two boxes of tissues.Nonetheless,it's the third book I read from only the boy's Pov(yeah..the book is written only in Chase's Pov) although there is a scene where we see things from Nikki's side.

The book is a very emotional one,it broke my heart seeing Chase so hurt ,destroyed and devastated by his own feelings.I guess DEATH can do that to people especially after loosing one you love.The Scene that gets 5 stars though,is the letter scene.I swear I spent a whole box of tissues only for that scene.To be able to look inside her heart was what he required to continue living,to see how proud she was of him,she was the only reason he pulled through the nightmare(because that's what his life was).The only thing I really hated was the Epiloque.It was insulting not only for him but for me too. Recommended it to every boy out there as well as to every romantic heart.
Sofia T.
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