Bound By The Night

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2012 6:57 PM

So,I know I said I would review my favourite series but I just saw this book and couldn't resist reading it.I'm sure that anyone who has read  Bound Series  will probably like  reading this.

Bound by the Night
By Cynthia Eden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really adore Cynthia Eden's books.Bound series is my favourite so far.Bound by the Night is the fourth book in the series and I hope not the last.
This books says the story os two alpha brothers who "loved" the same woman.They will both do everything to possess her body and power.But what about her choice???
Jamie O’Connell is our tormented hero who wakes the "Sleeping Beauty" after fifteen years of "sleep"(more like coma),but what Jamie doesn't know is that our heroine,Iona something,isn't just one of the most powerful pureblood vampires but also she's a half witch who can stir fire.So,why would anyone awake a powerful creature like her???I know,I take revenge from his half brither who killed most of his pack.
Latham,Jamie's half brother knew the secret for his success..vampire blood.The older the vampire,the better and more powerful the blood.It's not so hard to guess what he did to acquire it.
I really really liked the book but I didn't like the flow of the story.It started well but as it developed we read that Iona learned the whole truth after dreaming Jamie's memories.I would have prefered Jamie tell her the truth and how she had changed him,as time passed.
Nevertheless,nothing major was missing.The story had the right amound of everything including emotion.
I look forward to reading the next Bound book(hopefully this year)and if not we can always wait(but pls don't make us wait).
Sofia T.
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