Recap #2

Posted on Monday, May 6, 2013 1:26 PM
Last week I  posted which books I would be reading you can see the books here, but unfortunately I wasn't able to read them all.Here's what I did read:

Some of the books weren't on my plans but once I found them I just wanted to read them (I'm sure you understand)!!!
As for the 10 Days series I'll post a Series Review once I read the third book...

That's all for now.Have a nice week!!!
Sofia T.
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  1. Some of these just look fabulous (by the cover, some are just... awwhh). I'm amazed you read so much- 9 was a VERY hard target. How did you manage it XD My wrap-up's (you probably saw it) don't really include what I've read because I definitely don't manage as many as lots of bloggers. I've read a quarter of what you have so far this year... ;)
    Thanks for commenting on today's post! I look forward to your reviews as I'm now following you.
    Have a great day (:
    Amy Bookworm @

    1. Thank you!!

      I loved some of the books and It wasn't so hard!If you're into a book that much you are curious about what will happen and time flies by...

    2. So some good ratings on positive reviews are on their way? I tend not to have such a great attention span then I guess- well, my free time isn't exactly massive in the first place & I'm awful at spreading my time out (ie, reading, homework, blogging, tweeting, goodreads, social).


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