Thomas & January By Fisher Amelie

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013 11:39 AM

Thomas & January (Sleepless #2)

By Fisher Amelie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's 3,5 Stars actually!

“Discover why you’re important, then refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t completely agree.” - Thomas

The second book in the Sleepless series.I soooooooo loved the first one and I thought that this was going to be similar to the first one but apparently I was beyond wrong.The book wasn't so bad it was the whole whining thing that got on my nerves.

Thomas and January are so alike yet so different.They both loved music.Lived for it.

Thomas left NY and settled down to Austin because his heart was broken.A former musician he has now become a music scout.I was pretty shocked to see Thomas so moody.He has changed so much since the first book and it's very obvious.

Moving on.Thomas and January meet accidentally in a concert where they "accidentally " kiss. Afterwards, Thomas is such a j*** still fighting his emotions in order not to be hurt again.In the same concert his boss discovers January's talent as a scout and hires her immediately.Despite working for the same company, Thomas and January don't meet each other for a few months until Thomas is forced to travel to Europe to scout for new talent and January is to escort him.

I liked the book.It was quite enjoyable with a nice setting and flow.However, the end was predictable with much drama involved.I felt like they were adolescents most of the time and not adults!

Furthermore, in this book we encounter characters from the first book and I really liked that.I love seeing characters from previous books.It's so refreshing learning what has happened to them after their book ended.

All in all, it's a worth reading book and I certainly recommend it!


Thomas Eriksson thinks he has it all figured out.

"People crossed the street when they saw me. I’m not really sure why that was. I mean, okay, I might have looked a bit intimidating if I was being truthful with you. I’d changed since New York. New York represented a life that wasn’t real, not truthfully, anyway. No, New York was the “young, immature, in love, idiot" side of Tom. The “Tie-Dye Tom of New York City” didn’t exist anymore. Tie-Dye Tom was dead."

January Mac Lochlainn thinks she’s her own worst enemy.

"I quit Berkeley. Threw away a full scholarship. Plans, you ask? What plans?"

But they’re both wrong.

Tom approached me slowly and met me under the light on the stone walkway. He leaned over me so closely, my neck craned to see his face. His expression was one of confusion as he studied my own.

“What is it about you?” he asked me.

I gulped. “What do you mean?” I whispered, closing my eyes and swallowing again, my breaths becoming labored.

He lifted his hand and dragged the backs of his fingers across my jaw so lightly I barely felt them, but they made me feel dizzy all the same.

“How can you be this extraordinary, January MacLochlainn?” He leaned closer, a look of pure frustration and anger lit his eyes and pressed his lips. “And why couldn’t I have met you before I realized I didn’t want anyone...ever?”

Life for Thomas and January will never be the same again...whether they like it or not.
Sofia T.
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  1. Well, Rose, the synopsis with the quotes are interesting. I love the intimate side of Thomas and January, they sure fit each other somehow. I think i will like this book
    Although I have not heard of this or the first book before
    Your reader,

    1. Soma,

      You don't have to read the first one in order to read Thomas and January although I highly recommend reading it!!!

  2. I think I'll check out the first one. I love stories about music!


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