ARC Review: Protective Instinct (Moon Shifter #5.5) by Katie Reus

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2015 1:42 PM
Title: Protective Instinct
Author:  Katie Reus
Series: Moon Shifter #5.5

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A woman worth fighting for…
Wolf shifter Teresa is blown away by her packmate Ryan’s honesty about his past and his rare empathic powers. She wants him in her bed—and her life. The only problem: Ryan insists they wait, because the last thing he wants is to recreate the hellish family he grew up in. Frustrated, Teresa jumps at the chance to assist a packmate off the ranch—far away from Ryan.

On the way, their vehicle is run off the road—and it wasn’t an accident. Ryan rushes to Teresa’s side, determined to protect her. But there’s a dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows, and if Ryan doesn’t break out of his old thinking and put his faith in his and Teresa’s love—and their ability to overcome obstacles together—it will be too late.
“He’d almost lost Teresa once. He couldn’t lose her because of the past that had haunted him his entire life.”
Another great addition to the series!

In Hunter Reborn we got to see Ryan accepting his feelings towards Teresa and revealing his secret to her but he was still holding back. He was afraid he was pushing Teresa in a relationship she may not want.

In Protective Instinct Teresa is done waiting. If her mate won’t claim her then she will have to take matters in her hands. Ryan knows that Teresa is his mate, he wants nothing more that to be with her but he isn’t sure if that’s what she wants. After his parents’ disastrous mating, he would never push Teresa into something like that. But what Ryan doesn’t understand is that Teresa wants nothing more that to be his mate.

Time is running out, Teresa is at her limits and all the while old enemies arise to exact revenge for their fallen.

Will Ryan claim his mate before it’s too late?

This novella was such an enjoyable, sweet, short story. We got to meet Teresa and Ryan almost from the beginning of the series but it’s not until the previous book that the tension between them explodes. I was really excited to read their story. It’s not often that secondary characters get their own stories (even if it’s a novella) but when they do, I think that we should be grateful.

I know that this is a paranormal book but the issues that Ryan and Teresa have to deal with are very real. All Ryan wants is Teresa’s happiness but he’s not sure if he can be what she wants, what she needs. Teresa knows that she’s willing to take the risk but will Ryan take the risk it too?

What I also loved, apart from the main story, was the secondary one, Natalia and Aldric’s story. Wow! There was so much tension between them. Their scenes were short but anyone could see how comfortable they were with each other. I really can’t wait for their story. Aldric and Natalia’s story is going to be a unique one due to Aldric’s situation.

A beautiful, romantic short with a bit action, suspense and amazing characters. I’m pretty sure we get to see a glimpse of almost every character in the series. I loved that.

Protective instinct is a must read for those of you who follow and love the series!

Totally recommended!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
Sofia T.
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  1. I don't remember if I have seen this series, but I will head off to find out about the first in series. Summer means piling up my romance books. Thank you for your review.


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