Review: When Water Flows Uphill by Beryl Shaw

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015 9:23 AM
Title: When Water Flows Uphill
Author: Beryl Shaw
Series: None

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Scientist Dr. Armand Croft, a distressed amnesia victim, takes an assignment to import water to Las Vegas from a subterranean aquifer in the north. But northern ringleader Gary Wixx organizes a rancher’s alliance that stops Dr. Croft at every reach. Subsequently, the two men face off and launch an embittered and fierce water war. Meanwhile, Dr. Croft falls in love with a female archeologist who becomes the target of threats that promise to relent if he will forfeit the water grab. Nevertheless, backed by corporate power and sworn to secrecy, he completes his assignment, builds a pipeline, and moves the water south. But an unforeseen terrorist attack changes everything when it destroys a pipeline station, kills a security guard, and leaves Dr. Croft as the FBI’s primary suspect.
When water flows uphill was a stunning read from the very beginning.

The book tells the story of scientist Dr. Armand Croft and his journey to build a pipeline in order to import water to Las Vegas. It may sound easy but it’s definitely not.

Dr. Croft has to deal with not only his amnesia but with obstacles that come along. After Stephanie, the woman he loves is threatened because of his task, Croft is more determined than ever to complete his project. But everything falls apart when an attack destroys the pipeline station, someone is killed and the main suspect is no other than Croft himself.

This was such a journey. I never actually imagined that there was such thing as “water war”. I’m aware of the struggle some countries face in obtaining clean water but it’s hard to think the lengths some people would go to ensure it. I can also admit that Croft and Gary’s ideas were great but I have no idea whether or not they were right.

One thing I didn’t like was the romance aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance but in this case something was missing. I would have liked to see more development in Croft and Stephanie’s relationship. Despite that everything else was great. The topic was a very pressing one, especially in our era, there was a great deal of action and suspense and I loved the twists.

When water flows uphill isn’t something I’d usually read but I really needed a break from the YA and paranormal genre and wanted to focus on something more realistic. This book helped me do that. And the cover guys!!!! You can’t not stare at it!

I totally recommend it!

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