ARC Review: Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security #14) by Katie Reus

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2016 11:07 AM
Title: Dangerous Protector
Author: Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #14

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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She thought she was finally safe…
After two years of running Tegan O’Kelly could finally stop when the deadly gangster after her died. Eight months ago she put down roots in sunny Miami. For the first time in years she has friends, a job she likes and she can think about the future, not just surviving to the next day. When her car is bombed in broad daylight, she decides to stand her ground instead of running from her faceless enemy.

But a deadly enemy has her in his crosshairs…
Single father Aaron Fitzpatrick knew Tegan was trouble from the moment he laid eyes on her. Sexy trouble wrapped up in a petite, dynamite package he fantasizes about kissing far too often. So far he’s been able to keep his distance, but when he witnesses her car explode—with her close by—something protective erupts inside him. After his wife left him and their son five years ago, he’s stayed away from relationships and women, but he can’t keep his distance from Tegan. It’s clear she’s in danger and the more he learns about her, the more he knows he has to stand beside her and fight the danger hunting her.
Another great addition to the Red Stone Security series!

Aaron knows that Tegan is trouble but he can’t resist being around her. No matter their attraction, Aaron is not selfish and he would never hurt his son or Tegan by pursuing something more when it is obvious that Tegan has her own secrets. Tegan is sure that she has escaped the people that are hunting her – how could she not be when their leader is presumed dead.

When her car explodes mere feet away from her, Tegan starts questioning the information she has been given. So, as she is about to run once again, to protect the people she has come to care about, Aaron is there and unwilling to let her out of his sight until the danger has passed. Despite their scorching chemistry, could Tegan place Aaron and even worse his young son in danger?

This is the 14th book in the series and I really can’t believe how fast the series has developed. Dangerous Protector started off really great. We got to know more about our protagonists and their pasts and I also found it really sweet that the danger Tegan faces has brought them together instead of separating them.

Dangerous Protector was a fabulous addition to the series and even though I really liked Tegan and Aaron, I wish there were more scenes with Dillon, Aaron’s young son. I hope you see more of Callan, Aaron’s brother and Kimmy, Tegan’s boss.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
Sofia T.
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