Darkness Dawns

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2012 1:50 PM

Darkness Dawns 
By Dianne Duvall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was an amazing book.I really loved Sarah and Roland and I believe that they were really good for each other.

In the beggining of this book Roland is very badly injured when Sarah finds him and takes him to her home in order to treat his injuries.There she suspects that something is wrong with him.After having fully recovered Roland tells her that he is a C.I.A agent under cover and that's the reason he can't go to the hospital.Cause he'll blow his cover.But the truth is that he is an immortal gifted guardinan protecting humans from vampires.So when Roland tells her to go with him,becuse now that she saved him she might be in danger,she immidiately follows him.But it won't be too long before she figures out what he really is and when she does,the adventure begins.

I really loved the couple and admired them for their strengh and courage.They both finally found something to love and live for.My favourite scene was when Marcus caught the couple making love in Seth's sofa.It was so embarrassing and hilarious.!!
So,here it is:
Seth smiled. “No, he only mentioned it to me and David so we wouldn’t intrude.”

She groaned. “Oh, lovely. I’m sure that went over big. Don’t go home without calling first, David. They might be having sex on your couch.”

Roland laughed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as she covered her red face.

Seth’s dark eyes danced with merriment. “Actually, we weren’t given the details. He only said he had accidentally disturbed you when you were not prepared for company.”
Lowering her hands, Sarah stared up at Roland with rueful eyes. “Why do you even let me open my mouth?”
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