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Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12)

By Kresley Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well,to begin with,this book was very intriguing and interesting.It gribbed my attention from the first page till the last.Although,it's not the first book we see Lothaire it's the first time to actually see that he does have feelings.So the question is,who are his feelings for?

The book begins with Saroya the Soul Reaper,the supposed to-be Lothaire's mate,being exorcised from her latest possession,Elizabeth Peirce.Ellie's mother bilieves that Soroya is a demon who has possessed her doughter.While being in Ellis's body Soroya kills,cause that's her hobby and pleasure.Not knowing what to do her mother calls the police and so she ends up in jail.Just before her execution,Lothaire breaks in and saves a very unwilling Ellie.After having saved her he takes her to his "mystically protected" New York mansion.Although,at first they are very mad and hate each other they finally grow fond.Lothaire is awed by Elizabeth's courage,wittiness and determination but nonetheless he has a vow to keep to Soroya.So as Lothaire continues to seek Dorada's ring,in order to get rid of Ellie's soul,Ellis decides to win his heart and thus her freedom.

Lothaire feels compelled to fulfill his vows not only to Soroya but also to his mother,Ivana,and feels very pressed about his choices.While spending time with Elizabeth,Leo,as Ellie calls him,feels more sane than he has felt in years,younger and refreshed.To absolute contrast with his feelings towards Elizaneth,Leo can't stand Soraya and finds her utterly disgusting,annoying and intrusive.Finally,after some complications to his Endgame(tasks)La Dorada kills Soroya's soul and Lothaire "borrows" Dorada's ring and turns Elizabeth into a vampire who can walk in the sun,without her permission.Elizabeth is extremely mad at him and complecated with her feelings that does something unforgiveable to him.Lothaire,becomes a king without a queen.Will Lothaire be able to forgive his Elizabeth and gain her heart again?

I really loved Lothaire's book and I look forward to reading the next book of The Immortals After Dark Series.This book was perfect in so many ways,for example its secondary characters Hag or else known as Balery who is Lothaire's oracle,Thad Lothaire's only friend(his so cute and he always refers to Lothaire as Mr.LOthaire)and a character that will suprise you,Nix.Turns out that Nix and Lothaire were good old buddies who stopped being friends because Nix "betrayed" him,something she did not.I hope that the next book will be about Nix.I felt so sad about her in this book,she was so fragile and one step before madness.She definately deserves a man and a happy-ending.
Sofia T.
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