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Tanner's Scheme (Breeds, #9) By Lora Leigh

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Really wicked!!I understand that twins are close but who could imagine this.Not that Tanner and Scheme are twins but Tanner and Cabal really share everything.Poor Scheme doesn't even know what she got herself into...

Tanner has spied Scheme for ten years before meating her face to face.He thinks he knows her but he is very wrong.When her former lover tries to kill her,after a direct order from her own father,Tanner saves her and thus "kidnaps" her.While they spent time together he learns the reasons of her actions but what he doesn't know is the consequences of her actions.He has already fallen for her and now wants her to be his mate but the mating signs aren't there.On the other side,Scheme is more than attractive to him but tries hard not to trust him cause she knows firsthand how betrayal can hurt.Scheme has important information,information that could destroy her father and save an innocent life.She doesn't know whether to trust this information to Tanner or not,so she tries to contact the only breed she can trust Jonas Wyatt.While she is figuring out to how to do that Tanner suspects that if she isn't his mate,she may be his brother's.That's when Cabal shows up.Cabal knows she is not his mate but lets Tanner think she is in order to enrage Tanner's animal.It's not too long after he finally sees the truth and claims his mate.

But danger is near and they both know it.Tanner would sacrifice his life to save her but will he be fast enough to save her or will he lose her forever??

I liked Tanner but I loved Scheme's personality more.I have to admit that there were parts that I

didn't really approve his actions but besides that he was as lovely as all the breeds.!
Sofia T.
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