Bound in Death By Cynthia Eden

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 9:43 PM

Bound In Death (Bound #5)

By Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Looks like two hundred years didn’t change the way that she felt about you, memory or no memory.”-Ryan

Bound In Death is the fifth book in the Bound series.This book tells the story of Alerac and Keira (aka Jane).

Keira is a vampire-to-be princess locked away in a castle waiting to turn.After the brutal murder of some werewolves, Alerac promises to avenge them and they only way to take out his target is through Keira.But neither of them expected what could happen.

Two hundred years later Alerac still remembers everything while Jane remembers nothing.How that's possible???Duh...Witches!!!Alerac will do anything to protect his mate while Jane will do anything to find out the truth!

But the past won't let them be.Old and new enemies surface determined to tear them apart.

A worth reading book with strong characters, both main and secondary ones.I especially liked Ryan, Jane's brother and Zoe, a werewolf from Alerac's pack who cannot shift.I would love to read more of them.Perhaps a novela?Yeah...

The book had a nice flow and there wasn't a moment that I got lost.Bound In Death can be read as a stand alone book as well.

Absolutely recommended to all vampire-werewolf lovers!!!


She can’t remember him…
He can never forget her.

For over two hundred years, alpha werewolf Alerac O’Neill has been searching for his mate, Keira McDonough, a woman who was taken from him and imprisoned by a dark vampire master. He’s hunted for her, endlessly, using vampire blood to extend his life. He has become a vicious predator, feared by all the supernaturals. His hold on reality seems to slip more each day because he is consumed by her.

Only…the woman he discovers in a small Miami bar isn’t the Keira that he remembers. In fact, this woman doesn’t remember anything. She calls herself Jane Smith, and she has no memory at all of Alerac—or of her own past.

Now that she’s been found, Alerac knows that his enemies are going to start closing in on her. Jane may try to act human, but she’s not. She’s a pureblood vampire princess, incredibly powerful and incredibly valuable. His enemies want to use her, her enemies want to destroy her, and Alerac—he just wants her.

If he can’t make her remember him, then Alerac has to seduce Jane into loving him once again. Because now that he’s found her, he’ll fight hell—and every sadistic vampire that stalks the night—in order to keep her safe at his side.

Some bonds go deeper than the flesh. Some go beyond life. Beyond death.

Jane will soon learn that a werewolf’s claiming…is forever.
Sofia T.
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