Review: Want Me (Dark Obsession #2) by Cynthia Eden

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2015 1:53 PM
Title: Want Me
Author: Cynthia Eden
Series: Dark Obsession #2

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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She doesn’t play it safe…
Sophie Sarantos has a weakness for dangerous men. She doesn’t like safe lovers—she likes men with a wild, rough edge. But Sophie may have attracted a lover who is too dangerous, even for her. Someone is stalking Sophie, slipping into her home, watching her day and night. The stranger seems to know all of Sophie’s darkest secrets, secrets that should never be revealed.
Out of options, Sophie turns to ex-solider Lex Jensen for protection. Lex is part owner of VJS Protection, Inc., and Sophie hires him as her bodyguard. She thinks Lex is one of the “good guys” out there, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

He doesn’t play at all…
Lex has his own secrets. Dark, deadly secrets. And as his feelings for Sophie grow, Lex knows that he is going to have to stop pretending to be a gentleman and, instead, he’ll have to show Sophie who he really is. A man trained to kill. A man too used to evil. A man who will take any risk…as long as he can claim Sophie.
Because there is one thing that Lex wants in this world…one person he desires above all others…Sophie. And no one will hurt her, not on his watch.
By now most of you must be aware of my Cynthia Eden addiction. I’m in love with her books, her writing, her main characters and her style!

Want me is the second book in Cynthia’s new series, dark Obsession. In case you haven’t read the first book, which I definitely recommend reading, then you should you know that Lex works as a bodyguard in V.J.S. protection (he’s actually the J in V.J.S.) and he’s really damn good at his job. A few weeks ago, he saved Sophie Sarantos from her gas filled house and so it’s only natural to wonder what the hell she’s doing in his office!

Sophie knows that in her profession she can never be safe, especially considering that she defends the bad guys. You see Sophie is a lawyer, a very good one, but the better you are the more enemies you have. Someone is after her and he won’t stop until he has her…

I think this one was even better than the first book. Lex and Sophie were so different and I believe that it was their differences that created the sizzling chemistry between them. Lex was the protector but Sophie was the survivor. Both of them were! They both had such rough pasts that left little to be desired. They both however, managed to leave their pasts behind and move one. But did they really?

Truth is they didn’t. Sophie is stuck in the past while Lex carries the scars from his past. When they find each other, their reactions are so different. Lex wants to have her but Sophie is afraid of her own feelings and chooses to stay away. In the end, they both give in.

I love Cynthia. This book is one of the reasons that make me love her writing. I love romances but Cynthia is not only about romance. She’s about suspense, major twists and turns, unexpected ends and villains and of course her sex scenes.

I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this one. Things between Lex and Sophie were building up from the previous book and in this book they just exploded.

A great addition to the series!

Definitely recommended!
Sofia T.
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