Abbi Glines Explains The Sea Breeze Series

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013 10:41 PM
I’m getting a lot of questions on the Sea Breeze series since I have a new book coming out in that series at the end of August. The Sea Breeze series follows a group of friends in the coastal town of Sea Breeze. Here is the order the series is in and info on each book:
#1 Breathe- this is my only true YA book. It has a couple of sexy scenes but it is safe for teens to read. Jax Stone is the world’s favorite teen rock star and he’s come to Sea Breeze, AL where he meets Sadie White. But Jax isn’t the only guy who wants Sadie’s attention... so does local boy Marcus Hardy

#2 Because of Low- this is my first New Adult book. Marcus Hardy moves in with Sea Breeze bad boy, Cage York. What Marcus didn’t expect was for a playboy like Cage York to have a sweet innocent female best friend like Willow AKA Low. When Cage leaves them alone together too many times things start to heat up. Then there is a twist no one sees coming.

#3 While It Lasts- This is considered New Adult but it is very explicit. Cage York has screwed up. In order to keep his scholarship he has to go spend his summer working on a farm. He isn’t happy about it until the farmer’s daughter, Eva Brooks walks out onto her front porch with a saucy glare and a sharp tongue. He doesn’t stand a chance.

#4 Just For Now- This one is also very explicit. Marcus Hardy’s best friend has always been Preston Drake. They grew up together even though Marcus lived a privileged life and Preston.... didn’t. Not even close. When Marcus’s little sister Amanda finally makes her move on Preston, he takes off running in the other direction. He has secrets that no one knows and he isn’t worth Amanda’s attention. But she doesn’t see it that way.

AND COMING August 27- #5 Sometimes It Lasts (Cage and Eva #2) Cage and Eva are back a year later from the summer they met in While It Lasts. Cage is one step closer to his dream and Eva's life has just taken a drastic turn. When Cage leaves to go play baseball at a big college, Eva stays behind to be with her father. Sometimes long distance doesn't work... sometimes you have to make a sacrifice because you love someone enough.... and sometimes you must decide what you want more.

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