Despicable Me 2

Posted on Sunday, July 7, 2013 8:07 PM

Hilarious! (just that)

I just saw it and I can't stop laughing....

 I LOVE the minions!

Here's 10 things you should know about them:

1.They are impulsive creatures with little self-control,

2. But with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence

2,5.The Minions have standard English names such as Larry, Dave, Kevin, Jerry, Stuart, Mark, Tim, Jorge, and Phil.

3.They are fiercely loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario and extremely eager to please,

4.Despite being relatively simple-minded, they are capable of building weapons, operating those weapons, using computers, and even driving.

5.Minions love bananas and apples (or "papples" as they call them), and the mere sight of one of these fruits can result in complete chaos.

6. They find anything having to do with butts extremely funny.

7.There are few things these little guys do not find funny.

8.They also love spitting, frog legs, bunnies, and building things.

9.They love trying new things.

10.I just LOVE them

Go watch it...

More info about the minions here .

Sofia T.
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  1. I saw this movie the other day and absolutely loved it!! I was laughing throughout the entire movie :)


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