Sometimes It Lasts: Teaser

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013 11:05 PM

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"Here is the teaser I (Abbi Glines) read last night in the live chat for those of you who missed it. (Note: this is in its unedited glory.) "

 Cage had been helping Daddy all week. It was as if it was last summer again… but it wasn’t. This time my dad was working with Cage and I was allowed near Cage… and my daddy was sick. “He should be back soon. He had to go take care of some things and get more of my things.” I trailed off because Daddy liked to try and talk me into leaving here when he got a chance.

He let out a weary sigh and I knew he was about to say something he knew I didn’t want to hear. I prepared myself for him telling me I needed to leave again. “I know you want to stay with me. I understand it. And honestly I’m glad you do. I want to spend as much time with you as I can. You’re the most important thing in my life. You know that right?”

I wasn’t going to cry. I couldn’t do that to him. He needed to talk and I had to be strong enough to let him. I nodded instead.

“Good. ‘Cause I need to say something that you’re not gonna wanna hear. But I love you and I want you to always be happy. I know Cage makes you happy. He may not have been my choice for you but he loves you like a crazy man. I’ve seen it all over his face this week. He’ll do anything you ask him to including go jumping off a bridge. So, I am telling you this cause someone needs to. You gotta let that boy go, baby girl. He came here last summer because he had a plan. He had one chance to get the future he wants and even though he is a rascal he is a smart boy. He got what he wanted. But if you ask him to let it go he will. In a heartbeat. Don’t make him choose. Let him go. Make it okay for him to go take that dream he fought for. Do it ‘cause you love him.”

Daddy and Jeremy had always thought alike. I should have known this was bothering Daddy too. It warmed my heart to know my daddy was thinking of Cage’s best interest. Not just mine. I wanted my daddy to love Cage too.

“I’m talking to him tonight. He’ll be going tomorrow. I’m not giving him a choice. I’m not breaking things off we will just do the long distance thing.”
Sofia T.
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