Posted on Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:22 PM

Welcome to Life of a Blogger, a weekly meme hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeats! This is where you get the chance to know the blogger behind the blog, aka: What we do when we’re not blogging! Every week there will be a new topic; mainly non-bookish, where I’ll share a little bit of life with you guys..

This week's topic is Fears!

This is going to be a looooong list.The things I fear are:

1. Anything that crawls (really creepy things!!)
2. Clowns (+ balloons)
3. Heights
4. Closed or small spaces
5. Elevators
6. Sometimes I'm afraid being alone in the dark

I think that's all! Yeah, that one was long....

So, what are you afraid of???
Sofia T.
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