Review: Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling #13) by Nalini Singh

Posted on Monday, August 4, 2014 12:36 PM
Book Title: Shield of Winter
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling #13

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Assassin. Soldier. Arrow. That is who Vasic is, who he will always be. His soul drenched in blood, his conscience heavy with the weight of all he’s done, he exists in the shadows, far from the hope his people can almost touch—if only they do not first drown in the murderous insanity of a lethal contagion. To stop the wave of death, Vasic must complete the simplest and most difficult mission of his life.

For if the Psy race is to survive, the empaths must wake…

Having rebuilt her life after medical “treatment” that violated her mind and sought to stifle her abilities, Ivy should have run from the black-clad Arrow with eyes of winter frost. But Ivy Jane has never done what she should. Now, she'll fight for her people, and for this Arrow who stands as her living shield, yet believes he is beyond redemption. But as the world turns to screaming crimson, even Ivy’s fierce will may not be enough to save Vasic from the cold darkness...

"The day I feel is the day I die.”
Shield of winter is the thirteenth book in the Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh. This book tells the story of Vasic, an Arrow and Ivy, an E.

Silence has failed. The end of Silence marks a new era for the Psy. An infection threatens to kill psy, spreading through the Net, turning the psy into murderers. The Psy world is becoming extinct. They are scared and trying to find their place in this new world. But the cure to their infection is closer than they think...

Ivy has always been able to "feel" the world around her. Little did she know that emotion was not only forbidden but punished as well. But after the fall of Silence the Es might be the only ones who can save their race.

Vasic has always been "cold". He knows that the only way for the Psy to survive is to abandon their rules and finally let themselves feel. So when he's assigned to protect Ivy, he takes his mission very seriously. What we know about Vasic so far, are little pieces of information that we got from previous books in the series. Vasic isn't as stable as he wants others to think. He's barely controlling himself, always on the edge of breaking. Vasic is a Tk-V, a true teleporter, trained to kill by the best of the best Ming LeBon. But Vasic wasn't meant to kill but to protect. He thinks that he isn't worthy of love, especially an empath's love, and Ivy is determined to prove him wrong!

I really loved this book! The romance was incredible, really simple but their love was so pure. What I really loved was the fact that neither of them tried to avoid their feelling but instead welcomed them. They were very open about their love and didn't try to hide or deny it. The love scenes were abso-fucking-lutely amazing, like really hot!!!

“How do you control your telekinesis while intimate with your mate?"

"I broke a damn lot of furniture at the start, including two beds." A curious glance. "What are you doing?"

"Traveling around the world.”

What I also loved, were the secondary characters. We got to see characters from former books in the series and of course, once again, our hero, besides Vasic, was Kaleb. Kaleb, who despite being very powerfull, chooses to use politics to ensure the survival of the Psy. He goes as far as forming an alliance with the Forgotten against the Council and giving the Arrows a purpose once again. The protection of the empath's lies on their hands.

Shield of Winter was an exceptional addition to the Psy/Changeling series. It had a nice flow, a great amount of action , romance, suspense and a hero to die for.

Highly recommended!
Sofia T.
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