The Vincent Brothers

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 8:18 PM

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2)
By Abbi Glines

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow...Just wow!!!!Another 5 stars for Abbi Glines.I really looooooooove her books(considering I have read them all except Leif (Existence, #2.5) and While It Lasts...yet)she is an amazing,brilliant,incredible writer and I can't wait to read more books written by her!!!

In The Vincent Brothers we see Sawyer Vincent trying to persuade everyone including himself that he's way past Ashton.Things get even "better" when Ash's cousin Lana decides to spend the summer with them.Lana has a huge crash with Sawyer but he doesn't even know let alone notices it!!!He is so frustrating...

Anyway,as time passes he realises that he really likes spending time with Lana and that things with her are different than when he was with Ash.He comes to like and anticipate the times they spent together but is it enough for him to forget???

Lana,on the other hand,is sweet and forgiving,warm hearted and selfless but strong nonetheless and after so many rejections(her father should be really put in a lake full of vipers)she believes that she really deserves to be loved and be first for someone not the second or third choice.

However we don't usually get want we either deserve or want.True story.This a story of a girl who all she wants is to be loved by someone.Anyone.The need to be loved is so overwhelming(she has never been loved) that it really made me want to get into the book and hug her.

In this book we also see characters for the previous book,The Vincent Boys,and I have to admit that I don't really like Ash cause it wasn't good enough for her to destroy the brother's relationship she also had to destroy her cousin's life.Someone is really selfish.Hint her name is Ash.*cough cough*

For the above mentioned reasons I believe that this book is a must read by anyone!!!I totally recommend it!!!! 

Favourite quotes:
Sawyer: What’re you doing?
Me: Watching Ash pack
Sawyer: Why aren’t you packing?
Me: B/C I’m stressing over the black bears that are going to eat me in my sleep
Sawyer: HA! No black bears will eat you. They don’t do red heads. You’re safe.
Me: Very funny. I happen to know that they aren’t very picky and that there are plenty of them in Cheaha.
Sawyer: Naw, I’ve never seen one there.
Me: Well they’re there. Google it.
Sawyer: I’ll keep you safe.
Me: Maybe during the day but at night when I’m alone in my tent they’ll come for me.


"You should never and I mean, <b>never</b>, be anyone’s second choice. Anyone who doesn’t see you for the incredible gift you are is a blind bastard.”
Sofia T.
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  1. i am like so addicted to vampire academy. i love rose and dimica. they are so great 2gether. i think odette and ben would make the couple fantasic on film. also i love watching the fan made trailers on youtube. u should check them out. why didn't i come upon u sooner. this is awesome of a blog. :) i'm aalya rain by the way, nice 2 meet u. :)

  2. Yeah me too!!!I looooove VA and Dimitri <3....I'm a huge fan of the series(It's my favourite on)and I['m looking forward to reading The Golden Lily....

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    1. Thank you!!!!Just followed you back....


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