Breathless By Cole Gibsen

Posted on Saturday, July 21, 2012 12:40 PM


By Cole Gibsen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Remember when I asked you how I would know if I loved you?I figured it out—I do.” Bastin

What an incredible book!!!Breathless is the first book I read by Cole Gibsen and I'm very impressed by her ability to put together such an emotional novel.I can't say that it gripped my attention from the first page but it surelly did from the second page till the last.

I loved the main characters!!!Edith and Bastin were so unpredictable,loyal and both "prisoners"to their fathers' wil.Despite the differences between their worlds they not only managed to develop a relationship but they taught each other the importance of being loved.Bastin was so adorable at times,asking all those awkward questions,and so very romantic.On the other side,Edith was controlled,expectable since her stepfather works in the air force,and in great need of affection.

I really liked this book.Not only was the plot original but each chapter was in a firm accordance with the previous one.Not once did I get confused or lost.Yet,when I finished Breathless I wished to read a sequel for it.I would like to know how things progressed between Bastin and Edith,between Edith and her aunt,between her mother and her stepfather(a real douchebag )and anyway I would have really liked to read a second book.

Nevertheless,I totally recommend this book.You won't be disappointed.
Sofia T.
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