Taking Shots By Toni Aleo

Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2012 1:57 PM

Taking Shots  (Assassins #1)

By Toni Aleo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Oh, please! Like I care if I make you jealous!”

“You know you do!”

“You’re acting like an idiot!”

“Damn right, love does this to a person!”Elli and Shea

Wow!!!Taking Shots was way different from the second book in the series Trying to Score.Wondering how I know that?Well,when I first saw the series I was more interested in reading the second than the first book and now I see how right I had been.Although there were times that I really liked the book I wanted to so much to kill Elli(she's so insecure).

Shea Adler,a hockey player for Nashville Assassins,has it all except from what he really wants.When he meets Elli Fisher he knows she's the one.Photographer Elli Fisher is shy,whiny and extremely insecure.And rich.Did I mention that her family owns Nashville Assassins!!After a horrible illness that left her with extra weight,Elli thinks that she's unable of doing anything,even being loved.Well,on one hand her behavior is justifiable as the only thing her mother is capable of is reminding her not to eat much in case she gains weight again.On the other hand,though,she is twenty eight years old and still cares what people say about her,even when Shea tells her over and over again that he loves her just the way she is,she still insists that she isn't good enough for him.What can I say?I envy Shea's patience.

Nevertheless,it wasn't just the Elli that bothered me but the lenght of the book was too long.Not that I didn't like it but I felt that there were times that the book repeated itself.For example,when Shea had to live for the game.It was always the same thing he left,they were both unhappy,they texted each other,they were both annoying and when he came instead of being happy they quarreled,a lot.Poor Shea...

I have to say that if I were to choose between the first and the second book,I would definatelly choose the second one.

I would only recommend this book to those who really love a good romance.
Sofia T.
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