Big News From Two Of My Fav Authors - K.C. & J. Armentrout

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2013 11:58 PM

I just saw these INCREDIBLE News and wanted to share it with you....

  • Kresley Cole 
First and Foremost,  IAD news are in order!!!!!

The next official couple is . . .


What? No? Come on, that one would be fiction gold!

Okay, okay, seriously it’s . . .


Tentative pub date is next spring. You’re going to see how they met and how they came to be enemies (their childhood scenes make me tear up every time I read them). As a whole, be prepared for Sorceri sexiness, Vrekener possessiveness, and cameos from some of your favorite characters.

As for Nïx, she will definitely get her own story, but it'll come toward the end of the series, most likely the very last IAD book (which is nowhere in sight) More news to come!

Also, while I've got you here . . . thank you for all the FB shares, guys. I always peek at them and recognize many of the same faces again and again. I really appreciate it.

P.P.S. ENDLESS KNIGHT is still on sale! Kindle: Nook:
P.P.P.S. The EK book-trailer reveal is coming Tues, and it will blow you away!


Super secret project announcement!

My publisher and I are releasing an erotic e-serial this winter called The Professional—1st in the Game Maker Series—about a former prize-fighter turned mafia enforcer whose obsession for the boss’s long-lost daughter will take them to the darkest limits of their desires. The three parts will be bound into a paperback version in the spring.

For a Hollywood Reporter write-up, click here:

This is actually my 2nd official erotica (Warlord Wants Forever was first published in an erotic anthology), and I’ve been angling to get back into the genre ever since. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

For more information on the Professional and the Dacians and the timing of the other series, click here:

To pre-order, click here:
Amazon Kindle:
B&N Nook:

Thanks so much for taking this trip with me!

For info on the Dacians, click here:

  • Jennifer Armentrout

Television rights

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout’s young adult Covenant series, where a teenage “half-blood” descendant of the Greek gods is forced to return to a world that oppresses those with part mortal lineage, and while she falls hard for the one person forbidden to her, she unknowingly may fulfill an ancient Greek prophecy that could destroy everything, optioned to Norton Herrek of Herrek Entertainment, by Brandy Rivers at The Gersh Agency on behalf of Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

I can't believe these AMAZING News. Can You???
Sofia T.
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