NEW ‘Vampire Academy’ STILL & Behind-The-Scenes Moments From ‘The Fiery Heart’ Book Trailer Shoot & Gif

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013 2:14 PM
I have so much things to show you guys!!!

First and foremost....

Yeappppp! This is a training session.. :)


Hypable was on set for the Bloodlines trailer shoot for Richelle Mead’s highly anticipated novel The Fiery Heart.

But then… #SYDRIAN

The golden lily went on

The GIF shoots added some melodrama…

And Daisy Masterman and Nic Wheeler proved just how like their characters they really are

The scenes turned dramatic as they headed into the night shoot

Things got a little crazy as the day wrapped

And everyone wanted to see the final product

I Can't WAIT to see the final result!!!!
Can You???
Sofia T.
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