Review: Yours to Hold: Ribbon Ridge Book Two (Ribbon Ridge #2) by Darcy Burke

Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 4:14 PM
Title: Yours to Hold
Author: Darcy Burke
Series: Ribbon Ridge #2

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Years ago, golden-boy Kyle Archer left Ribbon Ridge without a word. Now, with heartbreak on the verge of tearing his family apart, the black sheep is back and he’s determined to earn their trust by uncovering the truth behind Alex’s death. But the moment he confronts Maggie Trent—the therapist his parents blame for the tragedy—Kyle is stunned by his powerful attraction to the beautiful doctor… and drawn to her like no woman he’s ever met before.

When gorgeous, charismatic Kyle approaches Maggie about his brother’s death, she agrees to help him search for answers. And as they piece together Alex’s last days, their undeniable chemistry turns too hot to ignore. After their relationship becomes more serious than either anticipated, Kyle may be forced to choose between the woman he’s desperate to hold on to and the family he almost let slip away.
This is the first book I read by Darcy Burke and it was amazing!

Yours to hold tells the story of Kyle Archer and Maggie Trent, Kyle’s brother’s therapist.

The Archers blame Maggie for Alex’s death but Kyle isn’t the one to point fingers. Having just returned to Ribbon Ridge after many years, he’s determined to find out what led to Alex’s death. What he never expected was to have to deal with the extraordinary beautiful doctor. Maggie wants to help Kyle and she will do anything to make sure that they learn the truth. When their attraction turns into something more, Kyle will have to choose between the woman he has come to care about and the family he left behind.

A truly beautiful read! Since this was the first book I read by this author I was a bit confused in the beginning with the background story but worry not, the author explains everything. Yours to hold was a very realistic emotional book about a family, the Archers, who may not be a perfect family but there is so much love between them. In my opinion, no family is perfect. Every family has secrets.

Kyle and Maggie were amazing. After Alex’s death, the family was devastated and they were all even Kyle looking for someone to blame. That person was Maggie. Kyle though soon realized that she wasn’t the one to blame and a deeper bond formed between them. I loved the way their relationship developed and progressed.

But there was a lot of pressure too. Kyle couldn’t have both his family and Maggie. The Archers blamed her for their son’s death and Kyle knew that. There was of course the fact that Kyle had a few secrets of his own.

It was a pretty moving book. You can’t help yourself and feel the agony of the family and Kyle’s determination and stubbornness to uncover the truth. What I also loved were the letters Alex left behind for his family. So emotional.

I loved reading this book and I can’t wait to read the previous and the following one!

Totally recommended!

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Sofia T.
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