Review: Under His Protection (Red Stone Security #9) by Katie Reus

Posted on Monday, September 1, 2014 3:55 PM
Title: Under His Protection
Author: Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #9

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Julieta’s stalker doesn’t play by the rules

Lingerie shop owner Julieta Mederos has worked hard to get her business off the ground. Now she’s looking forward to some quality time with her friends and her big, boisterous family. But explicit texts from random phone numbers and vandalism at her shop makes it clear someone dangerous has fixated on her. Without any solid leads, the police can’t help her and she’s forced to turn to the last man she wants to depend on.

…but neither does Ivan.

Former Army Ranger and newest Red Stone Security employee Ivan Mitchell has gotten used to being alone in the world. He never even thinks about it anymore—until he meets sexy, independent Julieta. She’s everything he could ever want…but she seems determined to keep him at arm’s length. Until now. Maybe the cops can’t do anything to protect her, but he can. When things escalate faster than even he expected, he finds himself pulling out his most extreme combat skills to protect her. He’ll do what it takes to save her life—and prove to her she belongs in his.

Under His Protection is the ninth book in the Red Stone Security series and tells the story of Ivan, a Red Stone Security employee and Julieta, a lingerie shop owner.

Ivan Mitchell is the newest employee at RSS. The first time he meets Julieta he's on a mission protecting a client. So he's shocked when his client walks into a lingerie shop and meets its owner Julieta Mederos. Julieta has worked hard and is trying to keep her business at the top, which isn't as easy as one might think. But Julieta craves more. Ever since the tall, blond man with blue eyes walked into her shop, her mind's preoccupied. Julieta though, suspects that Ivan doesn't even like her. But she couldn't be more wrong.

The only thing Ivan wants more than having Julieta is keeping her. He's been watching after her for too long and when her life is in danger, he finally makes his move...

Just as the previous books in thes series, Under his protection was amazing! Ivan was sooo different from the other male characters in the series, which I loved. After losing his own family he became a loner but working at RSS made him feel part of another family. Julieta was a strong-willed character, if not stubborn. She tried so hard to succeed on her own and she won't let fear destroy her life.

Together they are going to eliminate any threat!

Under his protection was a fast paced book filled with action, romance, suspense, an alpha hero and a lingerie owner with a good taste!

Totally recommended!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest revew*
Sofia T.
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