ARC Review: Stolen and Forgiven (Branded Packs #1) by Alexandra Ivy, Carrie Ann Ryan

Posted on Monday, July 13, 2015 3:42 PM
Title: Stolen and Forgiven
Author: Alexandra Ivy , Carrie Ann Ryan
Series: Branded Packs #1

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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The first rule of being Alpha of the Canine Pack is to protect their secrets from the humans at all cost. One look at the dying human at his doorstep and Holden Carter knows he will have to break it. The broken woman with no hope at survival is his mate. When he forces the change on her to save her life, he not only sets forth motions that could risk both their lives, but the lives of every shifter in the world.
Ariel Sands grew up in a post-Verona infection world and under the care of the very humans she thought had cured the disease. When they betray her in the worst ways imaginable, she finds herself not only mated to the Alpha of a the very species she’s been taught to fear, but the focal point of a traitor and path to destruction for everyone’s way of life. It will take more than trust and a mating bond for Ariel and Holden to not only survive their enemies, but the burn of their own temptations.
Soren Slater is a Beta wolf who understands that duty to his Pack comes before his own needs. At a young age he takes a position as a liaison between his Pack and the other species of shifters. He never expected his enticing flirtations with Cora Wilder, a Tiger Princess, would encourage her cat to consider him a potential mate. He’s forced to walk away, choosing a partner among the wolves to try and strengthen his Pack.
Cora has no intention of forgiving or forgetting Soren’s rejection. Not even when the Packs are forced to live together and she discovers Soren’s former mate has died. But then, she’s kidnapped by the SAU and she has no choice but to work with Soren to escape. Together they must put the past behind them if they’re to survive the human’s evil plot
A brand new series by one of my top 5 authors, Alexandra Ivy and a fabulous soon-to-become a favorite new author to me, Carrie Ann Ryan.

Stolen and Forgiven is a paranormal (kind of dystopian) book. Twenty five years ago, a virus called the Verona Virus nearly wiped out humanity. It was at that time that the shifters decided to come out and help since they were immune to the virus. Instead of finding peace though, humans used their blood to destroy the virus and made the shifters appear as savages to the public. They collared and forced them to live as animals in compounds. Each pack is suffering and especially now as they are forced to shared their barely enough space with other shifters.


Holder Carter is the alpha of the River Pack. He is struggling to keep his pack from revolving because he knows that although they are stronger than humans, they could very well lose their weaker member such as their submissive, the elders and the children. Holder is aware that the guards of the SAU (shifter accommodation unit) will do anything to get a chance to blame them for something and thus punish them by killing them.

So, when he finds a dying woman on their compound, he knows that the humans left her there to die and accuse them of killing her. He can’t be surprised by their tactics but he sure damn can be when he realizes that the dying woman is his mate.

Holder never thought that he would find his mate especially now that they are imprisoned in the compounds. His mate is a step away from death and Holder has no choice but to save her. He waited forever for her and he’s not about to lose her. Turning her might be her only chance at survival but it will also put his pack in grave danger and for an alpha his pack always comes first.

The scientists working for SAU have long wanted to find a way to turn humans. If they see that the human they left for dead is now a shifter, holder knows that his pack will be slaughtered to uncover their most sacred secret.

I loved Stolen, I loved Holder and I loved Ariel (his mate). I loved everything. Holder was such a great alpha. He would sacrifice everything for his pack and Ariel (I love he name!). Ariel was very strong too. She was kidnapped from her home and later taken to the SAU labs to be experimented on. She was tortured by the very humans who had promised to protect her. The irony!

Holder and Ariel were just amazing!


Forgiven tells the story of Soren, Holder’s second in command, his Beta and the princess of the Golden pack, Cora Wilder.

Soren and Cora have loved each other in the past but then Soren had to do his duty to the pack and marry one of their own to keep the pack’s stability. Cora never forgave Soren for his betrayal. He seduced her, made promises to her but then he turned his back on her and married one of his pack members.

Now forced to share the same territory and with Soren’s mate dead, Soren wants to make up for the mistake that cost him the woman he loves. He always felt guilty about leaving Cora but he would never disrespect the memory of his mate. Cora may be stubborn but she can’t deny the chemistry that still exists between them.

Soren wants Cora to be his mate but he will take anything that she’s willing to offer and in this case a friends with benefits deal. What neither anticipates is the threat that SAU still poses. They still need the shifters to “help” them turn humans and Cora is their perfect prey, daughter of an alpha and soon to become mate of a Beta, both men would do anything for her.

Stolen and Forgiven were beyond incredible. I loved both stories and I can’t wait for Abandoned and Unseen (September 2015).

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
Sofia T.
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