Review: Michel/Striker (Bayou Heat #15-16) by Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright

Posted on Friday, July 3, 2015 9:02 PM
Title: Michel/Striker
Author: Alexandra IvyLaura Wright
Series: Bayou Heat #15-16

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Michel doesn’t trust Dr. Chelsea Young. Why should he? She willingly worked as a researcher for the humans who were using Pantera as lab animals. Unfortunately, his suspicions haven’t kept his cat from becoming obsessed with the need to possess the beautiful female.
Chelsea is determined to atone for her youthful mistakes. Even if that means working with the aggravating Michel who refuses to believe she now wants to help the Pantera. Together they must overcome their mutual animosity to track down her former boss, Stanton Locke, before he can commit the ultimate betrayal.

Dark, damaged and definitely gorgeous, Striker is all about the mission. And when the mission’s over? The Hunter is out of there. That is, until one of Locke’s lab rats is forced on him—a beautiful, pained female who needs sex to survive.
The lovely Twelve was abducted and taken to the labs several years ago. Used for breeding, she was given drugs that make her irresistible to males. It was a hellish, lonely life. But she’s free now, and determined to discover the truth about her past. If only the road to that truth didn’t involve the heartless male she can’t stop herself from wanting.
After so many dreamy heroes you would think that there can’t be others but you’re wrong! Michel and Striker’s stories were equally if more amazing from the other Bayou Heat books.

Michel by Alexandra Ivy
Michel is a Suit, a spy and as such he can’t but be suspicious of Dr. Chelsea Young. Chelsea used to work for Locke in the Labs where they would experiment on abducted Pantera. Chelsea never agreed with the way the Pantera or the human experiments were handled. That’s why she got out of Locke’s world and was thrust into the Pantera world. Now she will have to face the consequences.

Forced into working with Chelsea, Michel will have to keep himself under control if he wants to bring down Locke and his Master. There’s no one better to help him than the person who has closely worked with Locke.

Michel and Chelsea’s story may be a short one but it had everything. Exploding passion, a yummy hero, a strong heroine, action and a bit of suspense.

Striker by Laura Wright 

That was a big WOW!

From the very first page you could tell this wasn’t going to be your average romance.

Twelve, aka Seleste, has been in the labs for a very long time. She remembers nothing of her past than her number and her need. When Striker is asked to take care of her, it’s his duty to comply.

This was beyond anything I expected to get. Striker’s story was so different from the other Pantera ones. There is chemistry and there is passion and Striker and Seleste had both. Striker wants nothing more than to help twelve remember her past and thus herself. He will give her his body and nothing more. Or so he thinks.

Seleste wants to move on but first she will have to remember the person she was in the past so she can face her future. She wants nothing more than to have her memories and she will do everything to get them.

Both Seleste and Striker were so strong characters. Seleste had suffered so much: she was tortured and psychologically damaged that she only wanted to move on with her life. Striker was betrayed in the worst way possible. He was burned by love and he is smarter than to repeat the same mistake twice.

Michel/Striker was an excellent addition to the series. The Pantera is closer on bringing the Master down. Does that mean that the end is close too? I hope not.

Totally recommended!

*ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* 
Sofia T.
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